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Built-in dishwashers

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Developed to ensure optimum washing performance and minimise energy consumption, Smeg integrated, built-in dishwashers look great in every kitchen and can be coordinated with other Smeg appliances. Available in 90, 60 or 45cm versions, Smeg dishwashers are incredibly versatile in terms of adjusting the load: the position of the baskets and the racks/inserts can be altered depending on your needs.

Moreover, Smeg offers horizontal, space-saving, automatic door and coloured models on top of standard dishwashers, bringing its products into line with the latest design trends and completing the most versatile line on the market.

  • DI6FABCRnew

    60cm 50's Style Built-in Dishwasher in Cream Energy rating: A+++A

  • DI6FABBLnew

    60cm 50's Style Built-in Dishwasher in Black Energy rating: A+++A

  • DI6FABRDnew

    60cm 50's Style Built-in Dishwasher in Red Energy rating: A+++A

  • DI614PSSnew

    60cm Fully integrated Dishwasher with Finger-friendly St/Steel door and handle A++A Rated

  • DI613PMAXnew

    60cm Maxi height fully integrated Dishwasher A+++A Rated

  • DI613PNHnew

    60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 'Press & Release' Handle-less Door Design A+++A Rated

  • DI613Pnew

    60cm fully integrated Dishwasher A+++A Rated

  • DI612Enew

    60cm fully Integrated Dishwasher A+A Rated

  • DI45CL

    45CM Fully integrated Dishwasher + KIT4CX-1 St/Steel door panel kit A+A Rated

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