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Smeg offers a wide range of chimney hoods which vary in terms of aesthetics, extraction method and motor capacity/power output. There is a model avaialble to suit all kitchen designs.
Available in stainless steel, glass and enamel finishes. Smeg chimney hoods represent one of the most interesting and attractive ways of enhancing your kitchen's cooking area.
Functional and ergonomic, Smeg hood controls are designed for quick and simple operation to regulate extraction speed and lighting to perfection. Smeg chimney hoods can operate in either ducted or recirculation mode, offering efficient extraction and quiet operation.

  • KS912XE

    90cm Chimney Hood, St/steel with Silver glass control panel

  • KTS75NCE

    75cm "Linea" Angled Chimney Hood, St/steel and Black Glass Energy rating: A+

  • KTS75BCE

    75cm "Linea" Angled Chimney Hood, St/steel and White Glass

  • KTS75CE

    75cm "Linea" Angled Chimney Hood, St/steel and Silver Glass

  • KMN75AB

    75cm Angled Chimney Hood, White

  • KD150X-2

    150cm St/Steel "Opera" Chimney Hood

  • KD91XE

    90cm Chimney Hood, Stainless Steel

  • KD120XE

    120cm "Opera" Chimney Hood, St/steel

  • KD100XE

    100cm "Opera" Chimney Hood, St/steel

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