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Dolce Stil Novo

Dolce Stil Novo is Smeg’s most advanced built-in collection to date. Inspired by beauty and nature, it takes its name from the hallmark of Dolce Stil Novo, Italy’s 13th century literary movement. This innovative collection is the creation of something completely new for Smeg.

The comprehensive range offers exclusive, beautiful and truly unique aesthetics. Partnered with leading technology and superior quality, these are the must-have built-in appliances for the modern and contemporary home. The complete collection is made up of 60cm and 45cm ovens, a blast chiller, multi-functional drawers, gas, hobs, hoods, wine cellars and coffee machines, all of which sit beautifully alongside each other or as a standalone statement.

Dolce Stil Novo appliances can be identified by the materials used, all of which are of the highest quality. Even the smallest details have been refined to perfection. Copper or stainless steel trims highlight the clean and modern lines, while black glass allows seamlessly reflects light, as designed by award winning architect Guido Canali.

This exciting new aesthetic integrates the Italian passion for design with advanced technology, resulting in simple yet graceful appliances. The style does not fight its surroundings, it complements it, adding a touch of elegance to every modern home.

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