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Thanks to the rising popularity of baking and a growing awareness of healthy living, cooking with steam is becoming more and more popular. Smeg has launched an innovative new 'steam assist' single ovens available in the Dolce Stil Novo range, with choice of copper (SFP6604STNR) or st/steel trims (SFP6604STNX) and also the Linea range (SFP6104STS) finished in silver glass.

Smeg's steam assist ovens offer you the best of both worlds! Cook the traditional way or choose to cook with steam assistance, a great option if you don’t have the budget or space for two ovens but want to try some steam functions.

Why do I need a steam assisted oven? Well, there are many benefits! Steam assisted cooking is a natural, healthy way to preserve vitamins and nutrients in food. Flavours are intensified whilst food is kept moist, can still crisp the outside of food and is great for reheating of course! The addition of steam enables less fat to be used, for healthier and more natural cooking. It also minimises the loss of food weight and volume during cooking. 

This extremely versatile way of cooking allows a huge variety of different foods to be expertly cooked much more gently and quickly than traditional cooking alone, such as fish, pizza, cakes, gratin dishes and casseroles, providing restaurant quality results every time. Steam assisted cooking is particularly great for cooking meat because in addition to making it very tender, it also maintains the shine and makes it more succulent. Bread can also be baked to a professional standard using steam assist. The moisture of the steam enables the dough to grow and develop during cooking, before the outer crust forms. This results in a lighter, more easily digestible dough with an excellent crust. 

Braising and stewing, cooking sauces, roasting, slow cooking - the possibilities are endless! 

The oven uses precisely the right amount of water for the cooking process, with an innovative suction tube to draw in the water. Steam is injected directly into the oven's cavity and evenly circulated by the fan. There is a choice of 5 steam assist cook functions where customers can add moisture (3 levels of intensity) to regular convection cooking. Level 1 releases 30ml of steam at the beginning of your cooking cycle to introduce a little moisture to food such as sausages or chicken breasts. Level 2 releases 110ml of steam throughout the cooking process, perfect when baking potatoes or medium sized fish. Level 3 releases 160ml of steam during cooking- great for braised meat or vegetables.

The easy to use large colour LCD touch display allows functions and temperatures to be visible at a glance. 50 automatic programmes and 10 customisable recipes allow customers to select the type of food they are preparing, how it is cooked and how much it weighs, ensuring your meal is cooked to perfection. The time, temperature and function are automatically calculated, whilst the oven even tells you which shelf position to place the food on. Finally, the oven's large 70 litre capacity offers endless cooking options with 5 spacious cooking levels and fully extractable telescopic guides, enabling the easy removal of trays. Easy clean enamel interior, removable door glass complete the specification, alongside a pyrolytic self cleaning function, ensuring the oven is a pleasure to keep clean.