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Smeg are proud to offer a selection of exciting and innovative mixed fuel hobs, designed for those who have a real passion for cooking and an appreication for both gas and induction cooking methods.

By combining traditional gas burners, with fast visible heat and modern induction technology that offers instant precise and controllable heat, maximum versatility can now be found in just one appliance.

Two aesthetic styles are available; Dolce Stil Novo, characterised by dark black glass with choice of copper or stainless steel trims, and Classic, offering timeless design. Available in a variety of sizes (60, 75 and 90cm widths), hobs feature either one or two gas burners (some with a powerful 6kW Ultra rapid burner) with heavy duty cast iron pan stands, complemented by either one or two induction zones. The induction section is also Multizone, which guarantees maximum flexibility of use.

Each Multizone can be used as a large cooking space, where several pans can be used at once, large or small, offering freedom of placement and great flexibility, or divided into distinct areas.

Various special functions allow optimal heat to be obtained for each type of cooking: the melting/ low temperature function melts delicate food such as butter or chocolate; keep warm function keeps food that’s already been cooked at the right temperature, without being burned; and simmering is dedicated to preparations such as soups or sauces, which must cook slowly and for a long time without boiling. Finally, the elegant Slider control panel allows you to adjust the power simply by passing your finger over the touch device.