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The extraordinary creativity of one of the most exciting designers in the world has been applied to domestic appliances. The new Smeg aesthetic line designed by Marc Newson is comparable to contemporary artworks, and represents the true essence of the Smeg philosophy: technology with style. Newson’s unmistakable style emerges in the soft lines of the products, and in their user friendly features. The range, including ovens, gas hobs and induction hobs is characterized by an energetic and distinctive use of colour and by surfaces in stainless steel or glass.


The pyrolitic FP610 ovens are available in a stunning array of colours, from monochromatic stainless steel, black and white finishes to bright shades of blue, yellow and green. With touch control commands, each Marc Newson oven has a particularly intuitive and convenient display with large and clear graphics.The design by Smeg and Marc Newson was driven by the search for maximum clarity, with immediately understandable symbols and simple to use commands. As an alternative to an electronic display, for those who prefer a more traditional look, Newson ovens are also available with 3 distinctive silver control knobs.Spacious and functional, top of the range models have an ample 68 litre capacity and guarantee flexibility thanks to the 5 cooking levels and telescopic guide rails that come as standard accessories.
Two halogen lamps placed asymmetrically, one on each side wall, increase visibility inside the oven, while a special enamel finish facilitates cleaning. Also within the Marc Newson oven range are three designs of the multifunction thermoventilated F610. Prices start from £649 for the F608 (8 functions, 3 controls), £899 for the FP610 (pyrolitic, 10 functions, touch controls) £799 for the F610 (10 functions, touch controls)

Gas Hobs

Instantly practical, the positions of the control knobs on the Marc Newson gas hob mirror the positions of the burners, rendering the ignition completely intuitive – with one glance at the hob you instinctively recognise which knob controls which burner. The innovative vertical flame burners offer a superior performance, around 65% more effective than traditional systems: the particular form of the crown delivers complete power to the pan, allowing a significant energy saving and faster cooking.
The hobs are available with an enamel finish in blue, yellow, green, white, or black; or in stainless steel, all with elegant silver control knobs.Alternatively two models are available with a black or white glass finish with a silky matte effect and complimented by gold control knobs. The sophisticated glass surfaces are finished using a particular treatment that renders them resistant to scratches, making them both beautiful and practical. All hobs are 75cm wide, have 5 gas burners for maximum cooking flexibility, and strong cast iron pan stands. Prices start from £539 for the P755 (5 burners, selected colourways)

Induction Hobs

The Marc Newson induction hobs display an energetic and distinctive use of colour, with original design serigraphy. The commands, alike the gas hobs, mirror the positions of the induction zones. Excellent performance is guaranteed with top of the range models boasting up to 4.6kW of power. Smeg induction hobs are particularly safe to use, they automatically stop heating when the pan is removed from the zone, and they have residual heat indicators that remain illuminated whilst the surfaces are hot. In addition an easy to set child control block ensures maximum tranquillity even with children present in the kitchen. The range includes various different models from 30, to 60 and 90cm wide with serigraphy in a choice of grey, gold or red brick. The 90cm hob is also available in a “horizontal” version, with 3 in-line induction zones, and a reduced depth of 35cm.Prices start from £499 for the S1321D (30cm, 2 cooking zones); £699 for the SI644D (60cm, 4 cooking zones); £1199 for the SI950D (90cm, 5 cooking zones)

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