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In February 2012, the Smeg induction hob range is being extended with the introduction of a new MultiZone induction hob. Unlike standard induction hobs which are divided into clearly demarcated cooking zones where size or position of the pans is restricted, the new SIM62B has two zones on the left and two on the right, which can be combined to create two large MultiZones, each 400mm deep by 230mm wide.
Each MultiZone automatically detects the size and position of the pans and heats up only the exact spot where they stand, providing optimum heat distribution and energy efficiency. This design allows several pans to be used at once, whether they are large or small, offering freedom of placement and flexibility.
Power output can be selected from 0.5 kW to Turbo 4.6kW. It features 4 independent boosters and individual timers for each zone, 12 power levels and a visual display to show power level selected, residual heat and countdown to end of cooking time.

Other key features include:
- 2 Quick Set levels for medium or low power cooking
- Pre-heat mode
- Auto pan recognition and adjustment to pan size
- Overheating and overflow protection system
- Protection against auto-start up
- Auto-stop when no pan present and empty pan recognitionEnd of cooking acoustic alarm
- Child safety lock

The SIM62B is a welcome addition to the Smeg range and, as such, is likely to generate keen interest from retailers and consumers alike.Price: likely to retail at around £ TBC

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