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unique Freestanding Range Cooker with Pyrolitic programme and Induction Hob

The new double ‘A’ rated 90cm wide ‘Symphony’ SY92IPX8 dual cavity range cooker is an exciting and welcome addition to the Smeg freestanding cooker range.
The main oven offers a generous net capacity of 68 litres (79 litres gross), allowing cooking on 5 levels at the same time, whilst the auxiliary oven has a 27 litre net capacity and is ideal for simultaneously cooking additional dishes at a different temperature or function and keeping plates and food warm.
Key features of this unique cooker are the rotisserie, for succulent roasts and an efficient pyrolitic cleaning programme, which takes the oven temperature up to 500°C after locking the door at 300°C for safety reasons. Reassuringly, despite the very high temperature required to burn off the food soiling in the oven cavity, the quadruple glazed door remains cool to the touch.
Then, at the end of the pyrolitic programme, and when the cavity temperature has dropped sufficiently, the door lock is released. The powdery residue which remains can simply be wiped away with a cloth.Other features include a digital clock and programmer and a superior exterior air cooling system to ensure that the cooker is always kept cool.
Closed door grilling is fast and economical.

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