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Classic Aesthetic

EAN13: 8017709206314

"Classic" Microwave Oven with electric grill, Stainless Steel & Eclipse Glass 320mm depth allows installation in wall unit

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Microwave + circulaire Child lock SurfacePlus

6 functions including pizza

Side opening door

Controls positioned at the bottom

Electronic timer

Tilting grill

Quartz Grill (1.2kW)

Microwave Output Power 850W

Oven Capacity: 22 litres

Surfaceplus ceramic base

St/steel interior

'Eclipse glass' - an innovative black glass which appears black when the oven is off, yet transparent when the oven is turned on, offering enhanced visibility into the oven cavity

Air Cooling system

Auto calculation of defrosting by time or weight

Child safety lock>

Standard accessories:

Chrome grill support


  • KITMP38 - Thinner bar to reduce height to 38cm