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The MAP100CR solution provides instant boiling water plus standard hot & cold supply, all in one neat and convenient tap. The tap does not connect to a pressurised water system meaning that it can be installed easily and the tank fits into the cupboard beneath the sink.
Boiling water is available in the tank instantly - just release the safety mechanism and use the left hand tap lever as usual to release the water at 98° straight into the vessel of your choice. A safety system ensures that boiling water is not released by mistake.
The right hand lever works exactly the same as a standard single lever tap for normal hot and cold water supplies as required.


Product Family: Taps
Material: Brass
Swivelling spout: Yes
Swivelling spout rotation: 360 °
EAN code: 8017709252519


Colour: Chrome
Finishing: Gloss
Aesthetics: Universal
Tap type: Single lever boiling water
Handle for filtered water supply: Yes
Flexible hoses number: 3
Aerator: Yes
Boiling water cartridge type: 1/2 "
  • ESC: with the ESC Energy Saving Cartridge system the control lever positioned in the middle dispenses only cold water, and not 50% of hot and 50% of cold. To obtain hot water, turn the lever further to the left. Thus the use does not operate the boiler. ESC
  • WSC: with the WSC Water Saving Cartridge the control lever stops halfway, causing 50% of the water (sufficient for normal cooking activities) to be dispensed from the mixer to save water consumption. WSC

Technical Features

Flexible hoses lenght: 360 mm
Flexible hoses connection: 1/2 "
Ceramic disc cartridge type: 35 Ø
Filtered water cartridge type: 20x1
Water depuration filter: Yes
Maximum pressure: 5 bar
Minimum pressure: 0,5 bar
Optimal pressure: 3 bar
Hot water temperature: 98-85 °C
Boiler hot tank capacity: 3 l
Boiler hot water production (98-85°C): 18 l/ora
Dimensione boiler: H403xW254xD224 mm

Electrical Connection

Boiler electrical connection rating: 1700 W
Boiler voltage: 230 V
Boiler frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Plug boiler: Yes

Logistic Information

Product Height (mm): 272 mm

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