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Preserving Healthy Food

A good balanced diet including fruit and vegetables are essential for us all, right from an early age. Seasonal foods especially have the highest concentration of mineral salts and vitamins.

Rapid freezing allows you to store fresh fruit and vegetables that can be eaten during the following months.

Blast Freezing & Reheating

Smeg's blast chiller is new and innovative, predominantly designed to preserve food quality.

Rapid freezing
Rapid freezing ensures the nutritional properties of fresh foods remain unaltered, which can then be eaten throughout the year without losing flavour and consistency.

Blast chilling
Blast chilling lowers the temperature of cooked food to just +3°C in less than 90 minutes, an ideal temperature for refrigerator storage. Cooling food rapidly ensures that its quality and freshness remains unaltered.

The chiller goes down to -35 degrees but also to +75 meaning you can go from frozen to reheated inside a single appliance- timed from your return to the house!

Blast Chilling

Blast chilling lowers the temperature of cooked food to +3C allowing you to store food for longer and serve it at a later date, tasting as fresh as if it had just been cooked. Traditionally once hot food cools, steam is released, evaporating and dispersing the nutrients. Food is then depleted of vitamins, proteins, minerals and flavour. 


Rapid Freezing

Rapid freezing is a very fast process that lowers the core temperature of the food to -18°C. Unlike freezing, rapid freezing produces microscopic crystals that do not damage the food fibres, allowing taste, look and smells of foods to remain unaltered.

Personalised conservation

At the end of each cooling cycle, the blast chiller goes automatically into temperature conservation mode, keeping food at the correct temperature. This function can be used to keep desserts and ice cream at an optimal temperature ready to serve, allowing taste and consistency to be enhanced.

Controlled defrosting

This type of defrosting allows food to be defrosted quickly and evenly, without partially cooking the food and compromising on the quality. The process keeps the food hydrated, prevents oxidization and changes in colour and consistency. 

Natural proving

This function creates the perfect proving conditions by keeping the dough at the right temperature for the right time, without sudden changes in humidity levels. The proving cycle has up to 3 steps which can be selected to allow you to obtain extremely light and digestible doughs using a minimum amount of yeast.

Drinks cooling

The drinks cooling function allows you to quickly chill bottles (1° per minute) in order to enjoy wine and other drinks at the optimal temperature, within a few minutes. The shelf inside the appliance is double-sided with a straight side for foods and a undulated side specially designed for inserting bottles (up to 9 standard sizes or 4 magnums)

Slow, low temperature cooking

This function allows dishes to be cooked at a constantly low temperature (75°C), far lower than traditional cooking temperatures available, resulting in tender, juicy meats with enhanced flavours and preserved aroma and consistency. 

Ready to eat

Smeg blast chillers are extremely versatile with a range of warming functions also available. By selecting this function the blast chiller will keep pre-cooked dishes at refrigerator temperature all day and then heats them up at a preset time, so you can have a hot dinner ready for when you get home!


The temperature probe provides accurate chilling and warming via the integrated probe.


A collection of automatic recipes are included for simple operation and excellent results.


The history function remembers the last dishes you have cooked. This allows quick selection, and cooking of ' go to' meals .


Compact appliances with a height of 45 cm - perfect solution to meet the functional requirements of kitchen sets of small height. Available in several types and in different styles. Electric
Product Family: Blast chiller
Category: 45cm compact
Vitality system: Yes
Cooling type: Fan assisted
Power supply: Electric
EAN code: 8017709250218


Colour: Silver
Finishing: Glass
Aesthetics: Linea
Component finish: Stainless steel
Material: Glass
Type of steel: Polished
Glass Type: Stopsol
Door: Full glass
Handle: Linea
Handle Colour: Chromed

Programs / Functions

Automatic cleaning: a drying cycle of the cavity to be run with the door open, to eliminate any condensation formed during use.
No. of warming functions: 5
N. cold functions: 5
Automatic cleaning: Yes
Automatic programmes: 52
Warming functions
  • Low temperature cooking: This function consists in cooking food at a constant temperature, lower than the traditional cooking temperature. Meat results more tender and juicy, maintaining a softness that only this cooking technique allows to obtain. Low Temperature Cooking
  • Thawing by time or by weight: is possible to defrost foods quickly and evenly, without cook the food partially and affect its protein content and with inevitably compromise the quality. The process controls the temperature, preserving the natural moisture and fragrance of the food. Defrost by time
  • Dough leavening/ Yogurt: this function allows you to create the perfect conditions for correct leavening, keeping the mixture at controlled temperatures for the desired time, avoiding sudden changes in humidity levels. This feature also allows the creation of genuine homemade yogurt. Proving
  • Ready to eat: This function allows to keep food safely at the refrigerator temperature throughout the day, and heat it just before your return to make it warm, ready to be consumed. Ready to eat
  • Thawing by time or by weight: is possible to defrost foods quickly and evenly, without cook the food partially and affect its protein content and with inevitably compromise the quality. The process controls the temperature, preserving the natural moisture and fragrance of the food. Defrost by weight
Cold functions
  • Cooling: It allows to quickly cool the food, from the temperature of 80/90°C to 3°C in less than 90 minutes, to prevent bacterial growth, prolong the average life of food and maintain unaltered the quality of food. Cooling
  • Deep freezing of the food is a very quick process (From 0/90°C temperature to -18°C in less than 270 min) that allows to extend the average life of food (by up to 70% more) and keep the same organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of fresh food, because it avoid the formation of macro-crystals, that ruin the fibers of the food. Deep Freezing
  • Cold storage: allows to keep the food at the desired temperature between -35°C and +75°C  and serve it at its best to enhance flavours and aromas. Preservation
  • Bottles cooling: is possible to quickly cool wine and beverage bottles, reducing the need for storage in the refrigerator, with considerable space savings. Cooling of beverages takes place at about 1°C per minute. Bottles Cooling
  • Pre-cooling: allows the cavity to cool to -30 °C before inserting food into the blast chiller, to ensure the best cooling and freezing results. It is recommended to run a 15-minute pre-cooling cycle. Pre-cooling


Touch controls: Easy to use touch controls allow the appliance to be programmed at the touch of a button.
Control setting: Touch control


Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed.
Door open alarm: Yes
Minute minder: Electronic
Timer: 1
Tones: Standard
Showroom demo option: Yes
History: Yes, the last 10 functions utilised
Controls Lock / Child Safety: Yes
Cooking with probe thermometer: Yes
Cooling with probe: Yes
Other options: Clock settings, Demo Mode, Child lock, Language setting, Digital clock display, Tones

Technical Features

Touch controls: Easy to use touch controls allow the appliance to be programmed at the touch of a button.
Net volume: 38,5 l
Type of compressor: Standard
Noise level: 48 dB(A)
Temperature control: Electronic
Minimum Temperature: -35 °C
Maximum temperature: 75 °C
Cavity material: Stainless steel
Shelf positions: 3
Shelves type: Metal racks
Display / Clock: TFT graphic , colour touch screen
No. of lights: 1
Light type: Halogen
Light power: 20 W
Light when door is opened: Yes
Door opening type: Standard opening
Safety Thermostat: Yes
Heating suspended when door is opened: Yes
Upper heating element - Power: 250 W
Dimensions of the product (mm): 450x597x548

Electrical Connection

Voltage: 220-240 V
Nominal power (W): 270 W
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Power supply cable length: 200 cm

Logistic Information

Width (mm): 597 mm
Depth (mm): 548 mm
Net weight (kg): 40.000 kg
Gross weight (kg): 45.000 kg
Product Height (mm): 450 mm

Accessories Included

Temperature probe: Yes
Bottle rack grid: 1
Grid with back stop: 1
Other: Microfiber cloth
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