Join our cookery demonstration and claim a free kettle with your order*

Events taking place in 2023
Start promotion: 14 September 2022
End promotion: 31 May 2023

About the event

Join us for an in-person cookery demonstration at our Abingdon or London showrooms designed to help you find the best appliances for your cooking and lifestyle needs and discover how to make the most of them. Perfect for Smeg owners who want to learn more or for those who haven't yet chosen their Smeg appliances.


The event will begin with a tour of the Smeg showroom, which will highlight the various design aesthetics and appliances that can make up your dream kitchen. Tips on design and appliance options will also be given.

Then sit back and watch the appliances come to life. Smeg's Home Economists will demonstrate cooking functions, cleaning options, and cutting-edge technologies like steam, microwaves, Omnichef, and induction.

The delicious food prepared by the team will be available for tasting, and there will be plenty of time after the demonstration for any individual questions to be answered.

How do I book?

The table below shows the classes currently on offer. Click on your preferred choice to go through to our booking system.

When Where Book
21/03/23 @ 12 pm Abingdon showroom Click here to book
05/04/23 @ 4 pm Abingdon showroom Click here to book
12/04/23 @ 12.30 pm London showroom  Click here to book
27/04/23 @ 12.30 pm Abingdon showroom Click here to book
04/05/23 @ 12.30 pm London showroom Click here to book

Additional information: 

Number of participants: 12
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hr
Price: FREE

Redeem a complimentary kettle with your order*

Once you have attended the cookery demonstration you will be able to redeem a complimentary KLF03 kettle with your order - *terms & conditions apply


  • Open to UK residents at participating retailers only
  • Customers must attend a Smeg “Experience” event to qualify for a complimentary KLF03 kettle
  • Complimentary kettle in standard colours only, subject to availability
  • Applies to new purchases of 4 or above Smeg major domestic appliances in one purchase and one receipt (excludes graded products)
  • Excludes small appliances, accessories, cookware, sinks or taps
  • Please redeem once your order is delivered by emailing your completed promotional card form (which you will have received after attending the event) to [email protected] to be verified
  • The claim card date must be stamped by Smeg at the “Experience Smeg” event and their chosen retailer
  • The purchase of 4 large appliances or above must happen up to nine months after attending the Experience Smeg event
  • Receipt and serial numbers for all appliances must be provided

For more information about this promotion email us.

Join our cookery demonstration and claim a free kettle with your order*