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Sebastiano Patania - Tradition and craftsmanship

Since 1973 the Patania family have been making the traditional Sicilian Pupi, the famous puppet, in San Giovanni la Punta, Catania. Synonymous with professionalism, creativity and tradition, the Patanias have built an artisan business which has Sicilian tradition and unique charm at its core. These “treasures of the past” are refined, harmonious and unique objects. They are the result of a passion for the craft, a sense of belonging to their land and a meticulous love for quality materials. The age-old technique, which simply requires the hands of an expert craftsman, is an unchanging element in the creativity of the Patania family. In addition to the creation of the Pupi, a constant search for vintage items, and nurturing customer relationships, the Patania family also specialises in making the traditional “Coffe”. These antique baskets hold food for the horses and are kept under a cart. Today they have been turned into straw bags covered with velvet, fringes and leather of the finest quality, decorated by hand and with ceramic additions.

The Creation of a Sicilian Puppet: Orlando

Enamel, 60 x 151 x 68.2 cm
The images painted on this refrigerator recount the various steps in the construction of a Sicilian puppet. The character portrayed here is Orlando. Starting from the side, we see the creation of the armour, embossed and assembled entirely by hand. On the other side appears the second step, i.e. the joining of the armour to the wooden “skeleton” of the puppet, already completely dressed in hand-stitched cloth and fringe. On the front we see the completed Sicilian puppet, with head and cape. The three panels are graced by the same number of Baroque masks. On the top are two symbols that refer to the character of Orlando: his sword, called “Durlindana”, and the horn that Orlando sounded at Roncesvalles to warn Charlemagne’s army, known as the “Olifante”.

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Gross capacity: 256 litres

Tropicalized compressor

Energy consumption: 180 Kwh per year

Climatic class: T

Freezing capacity: 2kg/24h

Thaw time: 12h

Climatic selector switch

Noise level: 40 dB(A)


Fresh food capacity: 222 litres

Automatic defrost

3 adjustable glass shelves

1 fruit and vegetable container

1 chrome wine rack

Ice Box (Four stars)

Frozen food capacity: 26 litres

Ice cube tray

Rear panel material : Polypropylene (PP) back

A gap of 175mm must be left on the hinged side of the

product to allow the door to open.