Logo Smeg



In the period when the enthusiasm of the economic boom was running out, oil was starting to be a problem and the competition multiplied, Smeg reacted by deciding to focus more on its brand and its identity. It is from this moment that Smeg widened its borders while maintaining a family-style management and is further established in the market for artistic quality and innovative capacity. The advent of modular kitchens changes the concept of kitchen, which from a simple operating space, in which the different components are combined only according to their use, is transformed into a comfortable place, where the various members of the family find themselves sharing time even during meal preparation. Intenting this step, Smeg is among the first companies in Europe to start production of built-in appliances such as ovens and cooktops .

The decade is also characterized by particularly significant collaborations for Smeg.

In the seasons at the wheel of Ferrari, from 1977 to 1982 , Gilles Villeneuve was supported, with Carlos Reutermann, also in the Ferrari team, sponsored by Smeg. Determined and reckless, Gilles distinguished himself for a generosity and courage out of the ordinary and, very soon, won a place of honor in the hearts of fans becoming the legend of Formula 1.

In the same year of the start of the Ferrari sponsorship, Smeg adopted the new  logo, designed  by Franco Maria Ricci, destined to become an unmistakable trait in the Italian and international design scene. A simple sign, in line with the spirit of the time, easy to memorize and reproducibility that supports the Smeg 6 writing tangent to express the theme of harmony and modularity.