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In 1991 was the beginning of the collaboration with the architect Mario Bellini while in 1995 a collaboration began with a second architect, Renzo Piano. Each of these great architects has left a deep mark on the company and their ideas have enriched and transformed the production, offering the possibility to those who choose Smeg, to bring into their home not only a product with excellent technical characteristics but a piece created by a great artist.

In the same decade, the 1950s fridges were born in 1997: a cult object that has now become part of the imaginary and collective taste. The past is a source of inspiration, not so much in a nostalgic key, as in the perspective of a constant search for lines that can interpret the present taste and influence the future. This inimitable refrigerator is the result of an internal design, proving that the long and consolidated collaboration with the architects has led to an aesthetic maturation and a creative sensitivity that are now part of the company's heritage .