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Gas, ceramic and induction hobs: let style work for your kitchen.

Smeg hobs utilise cutting-edge technology and consructed only using premium materials including stainless steel, glass, and cast iron (pan stands).  Smeg's extensive range of hobs comprises gas, ceramic, induction and electric models, which are available in a choice of sizes and finishes to co-ordinate perfectly with Smeg built-in ovens.

Choose your desired number of burners or preferred cooking zone layout to suit your needs. High performing hobs offer giant zones, or ultra-rapid and high performance burners whose near-vertical flame guarantee excellent cooking results.

  • P106ES

    100CM "Piano Design" gas hob, polished st/steel

  • P705ES

    72CM "Piano Design" gas hob, polished st/steel

  • P64ES

    60CM "Piano Design" gas hob, polished st/steel

  • SR775PX

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Cream with Silver controls

  • SR775RA

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Copper with Copper controls

  • SR775XRW

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Stainless Steel with Red Wine controls

  • SR775OT

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Brass with Antique brass controls

  • SR775AX

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Anthracite with Silver controls

  • SR775AO

    70cm "Cortina" Gas hob, Anthracite with Antique brass & Anthracite controls

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