Cooker Hoods and Kitchen Extractor Fans

Smeg's luxury integrated cooker hoods and kitchen extractor fans combine modern technology, powerful performance and range of attractive design options.

No matter which type of hood you need, whether that be a chimney, canopy, island, integrated, telescopic, ceiling or even retractable downdraft hood, you'll find the right solution for your kitchen thanks to our range of design styles, widths, and colours.

60cm Cooker Hoods & Extractor Fans

Smeg's 60cm (600mm) modern cooker hoods are the perfect choice for all kitchens. Powerful yet quiet, these cooker hoods will keep your kitchen free from unwanted steam and smells.

We provide 60cm models across a range of different hood types including canopy hoods, chimney hoods, downdraft hoods or telescopic hoods so that you can choose the perfect solution for your kitchen.

Each of our 60cm cooker hoods also include a choice of recirculating or ducted extraction methods.

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90cm Cooker Hoods & Extractor Fans

Excellent at removing strong odours from your kitchen thanks to their powerful extraction speeds, Smeg's stylish 90cm (900mm) cooker hoods are ideal for larger kitchens.

One of the most popular sizes of extraction fan, 90cm hoods are often used in combination with 90cm range cookers or integrated above island unit hobs.

Choose from a range of 900mm hood types including canopy, ceiling, chimney, downdraft, island or even telescopic to find the perfect solution for your kitchen.

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100cm Cooker Hoods & Extractor Fans

Smeg's range of 100cm (1000mm) luxury cooker hoods are the perfect choice for spacious kitchens, creating a striking look when installed above a Victoria or Opera range cookers.

Our 100cm cooker hoods are available in a range of colours in our chimney hood style which can provide both modern or traditional styling to your kitchen. 

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Hobd: Perfectly combining cooking and extraction

The Smeg Hobd is a combination hood in a hob (also known as a venting hob). Its unique one piece design provides great installation flexibility, allowing it to be flush fitted or surface mounted no matter the location, be it infront of a window or on top of an island unit, for example.

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Smart Connection: Auto Vent 2.0

For smarter cooking, discover Smeg's range of hobs and hoods with Auto-vent 2.0 technology. This smart Bluetooth system allows you to automatically control your Smeg extractor hood using a paired Smeg hob. 

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Cooker Hood Buying Guide

Need help choosing the best cooker hood for your kitchen? Our cooker hood buyers guide will help you learn about different must-have features and important things to consider to help you find the perfect extration device for your kitchen

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