Discover inspiring interviews with interior designers, influencers, chefs and more who have seamlessly integrated Smeg appliances into their homes, offering a glimpse into their creative worlds and culinary inspirations.

Jacqueline Mercer

We spoke to shoe designer Jacqueline Mercer to learn more about her charming kitchen renovation and discover why she chose Smeg appliances to complete the space.

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Clodagh Mckenna

We spoke to chef and TV presenter Clodagh McKenna to learn more about her kitchen renovation and why she chose Smeg appliances to bring her dream kitchen to life.

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Creating an Insta-Worthy Kitchen

Learn how to elevate your home's personality through photography and how to style it for a photoshoot. From mastering lighting to personal touches, our blog post has all the tips.

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Donal Skehan

Irish TV personality and presenter Donal Skehan selected several large and small Smeg appliances to complement his new Neptune kitchen. Discover its transformation into the perfect family kitchen and the ideal space to film and photograph his delicious recipes at home.
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Dr Rupy Aujla

Join us in an exclusive interview with Dr Rupy Aujla, NHS medical doctor, and founder of The Doctor's Kitchen, as he shares his culinary insights and the role of Smeg products in creating healthy, delicious meals.

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Spotlight on Neptune Grey

Explore Smeg's newest addition, Neptune Grey—a captivating, matte grey shade that brings a contemporary edge to the built-in cooking family. In this section, we dive into interviews with design influencers Michelle Ogundehin, Elisa Monico, Pip Rich, Sofie Lawett, and Caroline Richter, shedding light on the modern appeal of this intense hue.

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Sophie Robinson

Step into the captivating world of interior design sensation Sophie Robinson, where her incredible kitchen transformation takes centre stage. This culinary haven features a beautiful selection of Smeg appliances, harmoniously complemented by Magnets impressive kitchen cabinetry.

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Lily Sawyer

Discover the visually stunning home of interior design blogger Lily Sawyer. In a recent interview, Lily shares her journey, including the intricate details of her kitchen renovation and valuable tips on where to place appliances. Her home showcases an array of Smeg's 50s retro appliances including an electric oven, gas hob, extractor hood, kettle, toaster, and even a stylish tap.

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Malmo & Moss

Meet Malmo & Moss, an influencer and interior design blogger who has recently transformed her 1930s North London home into a dreamy Scandi-inspired family haven. Explore the details of her kitchen renovation and discover why she chose Smeg appliances to complete the space.

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Theo Randall

Smeg is pleased to announce our partnership with renowned Michelin-starred chef Theo Randall, who proudly serves as our brand ambassador. This collaboration is a celebration of Theo's passion for authentic Italian cuisine and his deep appreciation for Smeg's cutting-edge technology. Theo Randall discusses his favourite Smeg appliances, the history of his love of Italian cuisine, and more in an exclusive interview.

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