Looking for some inspiration? Follow our guide to help you choose the most suitable appliance functions and features to suit your needs.

Oven Symbols Guide

What do your Oven symbols mean? Smeg's comprehensive guide highlights an array of icons you might find on your oven's control panel. Discover the meaning behind each symbol and make the most of your oven's features.

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Oven Temperature Conversions

Our easy-to-understand guide on converting oven temperatures, using a conversion chart, will help you calculate Celsius, Fahrenheit, gas mark and more.

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Green Goals: Discover our Vegan Recipes

Be inspired by our collection of vegan recipes, perfect for those taking part in Veganuary or simply looking for healthy recipes. Enjoy creations that not only nourish the body but also tantalise the taste buds!


The triple formula healthy cooking

Built-in vacuum drawers, blast chillers and steam ovens used to only have their place in professional kitchens - until now. Delivering expert results, these innovative appliances will transform the way you prepare and cook food.

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Healthier cooking with Smeg

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start? There are a number of Smeg appliances which can help you cook in a healthier way, from preserving nutrients and vitamins to preparing healthy food with ease.

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Spotlight on Steam Cooking

Dating back around 5,000 years, steam cooking is an age-old, healthy cooking method. Discover Smeg's latest ovens designed to preserve nutritious ingredients and enhance food flavour and texture.

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Powerful Extraction Technology

Ever more technological, detailed and integrated into our daily lives, the kitchen is by now the most technologically sophisticated room in the house and the extraction/filtration hood plays a crucial role in protecting it against odours and fumes.

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Unadulterated Luxury

Making coffee is an art form requiring the right tools. With Smeg small appliances, you can create the perfect espresso and filter coffees, grind your own beans and froth fresh milk to perfection.

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Discover the 120cm Portofino range cooker

Looking for a cooker that does absolutely everything? From baking with steam to teppanyaki grilling, precise temperature probe roasting to induction cooking. What's more, you're main oven will be left sparkling thanks to Smeg's pyrolitic cleaning function.

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Wines stored with precision and care

Precise temperature and humidity control are two key factors in storing quality wine. Find out more about Smeg's advanced wine coolers and the role they play in preserving red and white wines at their very best.

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Cooking at Christmas

Be inspired by our collection of seasonal recipes, ideal for creating the perfect festive feast this year.

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Smeg's Christmas Holiday Menu

Explore our Christmas-inspired three-course meals guaranteed to make the festive season one to remember.


Cooking with Smeg; recipes

Why not try your hand at one or two recipes, experimenting with your Smeg appliance's unique features and functions to help create great tasting dishes? Smeg has devised the following selection of recipes which will delight even the most refined palette.

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