Architecture is a label that can be given to household objects and domestic appliances too.

Service spirit and memory: Smeg hobs

Architecture can also be applied to household objects. Two important values come into play: spirit of service and memory. Service, because objects (like buildings) have first and foremost a utility: they must "serve" people, they must do their job very well. Memory, because designs are not born from nothing, but from a long history of forms, functions, sensations. SMEG and PIANO DESIGN have shared these basic ideas and this way of designing.


When design combines with the universal language of architecture, aesthetics and functionality merge into a lasting story, constant over time but never the same. The Piano Design cooker hob is the result of an agreement between a company like Smeg and a prestigious studio such as Piano Design.


True interpreters of made-in-Italy design, Piano Design hobs are objects destined to last, perfect for furnishing classic and contemporary kitchens with style.

The know-how developed by Smeg over more than 70 years of manufacturing Made in Italy design appliances is enriched with a long-term vision typical of architectural design. Hence the timeless appeal of the Piano Design range, which has always been able to synthesise art and technology in a collection of three single-material gas hobs measuring 60 cm and 72 cm.

Single-material gas hobs, completely made of stainless steel, where design meets functionality. The continuous, uninterrupted surface reflects a soft light, interspersed with rounded burners and geometric grids, creating a perfectly harmonious contrast.

The bright and elegant Ever Shine stainless steel grids ensure the best performance over time and minimise surface browning.

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Smeg's Piano Design range fully reflects these basic principles and this way of planning and designing.

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