Cybersecurity of SMEG’s household appliances

SMEG’s product approach is to combine high technological standards with attractive design to make the household appliance more enjoyable to use.

Guaranteeing the absolute reliability of our household appliances is one of SMEG's main commitments, as evidenced by constant and rigorous control tests throughout the production process.

As a manufacturer of high quality and durable products, SMEG is therefore concerned about the security of user's information and welcome the contribution of external security researchers for improving security of our connectable products and their related mobile applications.

For general information or to enquire on the status of a submitted report, please contact SMEG Product Security Team: [email protected]

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Before you report a vulnerability, please read the disclosured policy

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Report an incident or vulnerability

To report a vulnerability, please fill in the web form available at the following link

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Support Period

To find the support period related to connceted appliances visit this page

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Vulnerability Bulletin

Here you will find any vulnerability advisories related to our connectable products.

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