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Induction hobs

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As a modern alternative to cooking with gas, Smeg offers a number of induction hobs, perfect for shortening cooking times, accurately controlling temperatures and minimising energy consumption. By only heating up the base of the pan and not the rest of the surface area, induction hobs remain cool to touch. 

Induction hobs are incredibly energy efficient, as much as 90% of all energy consumed is converted to help cook. All Smeg induction hobs feature Schott Ceran suprema black glass surfaces. This hard-wearing glass offers excellent heat resistance as well as being easy to maintain: any splashes or spillages will not burn onto the hob top and can be easily wiped away. Induction hobs are finished with either straight edges for a modern, flush fitted look, or alternatively with a more traditional angled edge finish which is easily blended into any kitchen aesthetic.

All induction hobs offer intelligent automatic pan recognition and adjustment, and latest innovative 'Multizone' hobs provide even greater flexibility when placing pans anywhere within the zone.

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