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The EU energy label, introduced in 1995, is designed to provide consumers with accurate, recognisable and comparable information on domestic household products regarding energy consumption and is considered one of the drivers of technological progress in appliances. Advances in product design now mean that the energy label is no longer fully representative of the current technological scenario. Revision of the label is therefore necessary to ensure continued transparency and clarity of information for consumers and to ensure it continues to stimulate innovative efficiency gains.

The basic elements of the label, which make it easily recognisable, remain in the new layout, i.e. the colour code, which ranges from dark green (high energy efficiency) to red (low energy efficiency). There are also some new features. The original A to G classification scheme has been retained but 3 additional classes have been added: A+, A++ and A+++, which indicate even more energy efficient products within the A category.

Mandatory supply of the new energy label will come into effect at the end of 2011.

Smeg recommends the following website if you would like to find out more: www.newenergylabel.com