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In this truly patriotic Olympic and Jubilee year, Smeg has tied up with premium food retailer Waitrose to offer consumers puchasing selected packs of salad the chance of winning 1 of 10 Smeg Special Edition FAB28 Union Jack Fridges.

In partnership with, Waitrose, Smeg is supporting an on-pack offer promoting British salad growers in this truly patriotic year.Waitrose customers purchasing promotional packs of selected salad lines between 30 May and 27 June 2012 can enter a competition to win one of ten special edition fridges, each worth over £1000. 

Consumers will have the opportunity of purchasing the promotional packs, of which there will be over 2 million sold in 243 Waitrose branches during the promotional period. In addition to the on-pack communication, the competition will also be promoted in Waitrose Weekend Magazine.

The unique eye catching Union Jack design has been receiving increased consumer interest in this landmark year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

You’ll also catch a glimpse of Smeg special edition union jack emblazoned fridges in all John Lewis stores plus a wide selection of independent electrical retailers across the UK.

Introducing the TR93I. The latest in a long line of award winning Victoria range cookers from Smeg.