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A 10 year warranty on inverter motor washing machines endorses Smeg’s commitment to high quality appliances. The latest technology in Smeg appliances is the use of the inverter motor within washing machines. These motors offer more by doing less, less vibration and less noise during the washing and spinning phase. Inverter motor appliances are more efficient, durable and quiet within the home. If your dream is to have a quieter washing machine, it’s essential to go for an inverter motor appliance.

Why choose an inverter motor or an AC motor? This type of motor is made without brushes, chains or gearboxs, which helps to drive its high energy efficiency. It has the ability to rotate at optimal speeds which allows the overall efficiency of the appliance to increase. With no brush, the motor’s friction is reduced and helps it to be quieter while it operates.

Smeg’s new generation of washing machines with inverter motors are very efficient. Providing maximum power with minimum electricity consumption, it achieves an energy efficiency class of A+++. The motor is specifically designed and built to offer a high performance within the appliance, the motor is guaranteed to be more durable. Wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the washing machine is reduced due to the lack of brushes, which have to be replaced in AC motor washing machines.

The washing machine models which feature an inverter-drive motor are:


WMF916AUK (AO exclusive model)



The standard 10-year warranty (including the statutory guarantee period) on the inverter-drive-motor. For the following period following the second year of the statutory warranty, and up to the end of the tenth year from the date in which the first owner purchased a SMEG product with inverter-drive motor, SMEG shall replace said motor free of charge in the event of a fault certified by the Smeg Authorised Technical Assistance Centre. For more information on this the warranty, please click here.