Smeg partners with Michelin star chef Theo Randall

Smeg UK are delighted to announce our partnership with Michelin-starred chef Theo Randall. After his cooking masterclass at Smeg’s Galileo launch event, Theo’s passion for authentic Italian food combined with his appreciation of Smeg’s incredible technology, proved to be the perfect fit. We’re really looking forward to creating new delicious Italian recipes and exciting cooking events with Theo throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Theo Randall

Theo’s passion for food started at an early age after exploring different cuisines on holiday with his family in Europe. From a waiter at Chez Max to head chef at River Café (where the restaurant received its first Michelin star) Theo’s accomplished career spanned many years and resulted in launching his own Italian Restaurant - Theo Randall at the InterContinental Hotel in London. One of Britain’s top chefs, Theo’s love for food has led to regular TV appearances including BBC one’s Saturday kitchen and three lucrative recipe books as a published food writer.

We sat down to talk with Theo about his journey as a chef and his love of Italian cooking.

At what age did you decide that you wanted to become a chef and who or what inspired you?
I started in the professional kitchen at 18 and it was my mother who inspired me to be a chef.

How did you get into food? Where does your passion come from?
Food was a big part of my childhood, my parents were very into food, so it was natural I became a chef. My mother was an amazing cook and she let me cook with her from a very young age. Passion for good food came from holidays in France and Italy.

What is it about Italian food that you like so much? I love Italian food because it is so regional and there is a simplicity that is so inspiring. The Italians love good food, and I can’t think of any country where food is as important as it is in Italy or where everyone eats consistently well.

What are your favourite regions of Italy when it comes to food?
I have many favourite regions, these are Campania, Puglia, Emilia- Romagna, Tuscany, Sicily to name a few.

Is there a dish that you could never take off the menu at Theo - Intercontinental?
Yes, the dish I could never take off the menu is our Cappaletti pasta dish which has been on the menu for 15 years. The fresh pasta is inspired from Bologna and the filling is made with slow cooked veal and the sauce made with porcini mushrooms, the juice from the veal and butter.

What is your signature dish and what do you and others love about it?
I have a few but one that is very popular is my stuffed Guineafowl. It’s the perfect combination of flavour and texture, especially when the skin is crispy.

What are three kitchen tools you can’t do without?
A Stick blender, kitchen mixer and my old favourite, my olive wood pestle and mortar.

Do you have any Smeg appliances, if so which ones do you have?
I have a Smeg A3 opera cooker (15 years young and still going strong) kitchen mixer, hand whisk, kettle, and toaster.

What is the most rewarding part of being a chef?
The most rewarding part is watching young chefs learn and master the skills of becoming a chef.

What’s the hard part of being a chef? What keeps you motivated and excited about a food?
I love what I do so keeping motivated isn’t a problem, eating out is always a great way to be inspired. A busy, successful week in the restaurant is a good tonic.

If you had to give one tip, to a home cook, what would it be?
‘Trust your instinct’ – it’s what cooking is all about.

Watch our Italian cookery demonstration with Theo

Sit back and enjoy watching chef Theo create an Italian three-course meal of asparagus carbonara, Italian chicken thighs, and torta barozzi.

Watch Smeg x Theo Randall on YouTube