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Whether you are looking to replace an existing hob or are at the beginning of designing your kitchen space, choosing a suitable hob can be daunting. Smeg's hob buying guide will walk you through the different types, sizes and features on offer to help make your choice that little bit easier.


Perhaps the first thing to consider when choosing a hob is what type of fuel type you would like; gas or electric, restrictions dependant of course.  There are four types of hob available within the comprehensive Smeg range; Gas, Induction, Ceramic, or Mixed fuel for those who would like the best of both worlds.


Gas cooking is perhaps the most traditional and popular choice, providing an efficient and responsive way of cooking with many advantages including even heat distribution and immediate reaction.

This visible heat source offers complete controllability and intensive heat when you need it.

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Induction hobs offer quick heat-up times, user-friendly touch controls and flat easy-to-clean surfaces. Due to the way in which induction technology works (by using a magnetic field to only heat the contents of the pan), there is very little heat loss and it is the safest option available. Induction is also faster than gas cooking taking only a little over a minute to heat a pint of water. 

The HOBD induction hobs also offer an integrated hood, a great space-saving solution.

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Ceramic hobs incorporate the latest technology and many innovative features to enhance their performance quality. They are designed to coordinate with the various oven styles and offer excellent cooking results. The Smeg range offer easy-to-use touch controls as well as dials so there is something for everyone.

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Designed for those who appreciate both gas and induction cooking methods with a real passion for cooking. By combining traditional gas burners with modern induction technology, maximum versatility can now be found in one appliance. 

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Smeg offers a comprehensive range of hobs with a wide choice colours, sizes and shapes. Layout options include: diamond - optimum spacing for larger pans, inline - easy access to burners and standard - traditional burner layout. Sizes range from huge 100cm width hobs down to petite 31cm width domino hobs. In most households 4 cooking burners or zones are sufficient and in which case a 60cm width model is most suited, however if more cooking areas are a must then hobs with a 75cm + width are worth a look.


Smeg hobs are distinguished by their high quality materials, and design of pan-stands and burners. 18/10 Stainless steel, elegant and bright, plays a central role in the kitchen, whilst sophisticated surfaces in glass, or ceramic glass provide a distinctive touch. A number of design aesthetics are on offer for every requirement and coordinate well with other products in the Smeg range such as ovens and hoods ; in Dolce stil novo, VictoriaLinea, Classic, Cucina as well as universal styles in Induction and Ceramic.

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