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The Smeg buyers guide to retro refrigeration

Which Retro fridge is right for you? Find your perfect match with our buyer's guide.

The Smeg buyers guide to retro refrigeration

Designed to keep your food fresh and safe to eat and your favourite drinks cool, a fridge is an essential appliance in your kitchen and as such requires some careful consideration. Do you want to keep it simple with a standard model in a classic finish, or do you want a fridge that is more than just functional, a fridge with style? - a retro fridge for example adds colour, charm and personality to your kitchen.
Smeg retro FAB fridges

Why should I choose a Smeg retro fridge freezer?

True to our Italian upbringing, Smeg believes the kitchen is very much the heart of the home; a place where family & friends can congregate to enjoy good food. When designing our products, we aim to bring everyday objects to life, through creativity, style and a passion for Italian design.
Below are 9 key reasons to buy a Smeg FAB fridge.

1. Bring the WOW factor to your kitchen

Perhaps the most well-known Smeg appliance, the 'FAB' refrigerator is a work of art, both functional and beautiful. When you choose a Smeg retro fridge, it becomes a statement piece in your kitchen, bringing originality and fun into your home, so if you are looking for a fridge that stands out from the crowd look no further.

2. Have a style that never goes out of fashion

The modern and sleek Italian design embodies the charm of the 1950s and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Its curved style is timeless and adapts effortlessly to modern and traditional spaces, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

3. Experience a luxury appliance

Each FAB retro fridge is made with high-quality materials and rigorous testing is applied to every appliance to ensure exceptional build quality combined with a premium Italian design.

4. Choose from a variety of sizes & splits

Whether you need a fridge freezer for your kitchen, a mini fridge for your home office or a minibar for your bedroom, there’s a FAB fridge to suit your needs. 

5. Select left & right-hand hinged depending on your needs

Whether you are left-handed or require a left-handed fridge because of the layout of your kitchen, Smeg has a large selection of left-handed alternatives available in addition to the conventional right-handed versions.

6. Be amazed by the extensive array of colours & patterns

Smeg's iconic coloured fridge range has up to 16 colour options to choose from; from cool pastels to calming neutrals to bold hues. Elegant soft-touch matte finishes and special editions like Union Jack and chalkboard designs are also included.

7. Discover luxury brand collaborations

Iconic in its design, what makes Smeg different is the longstanding partnerships we develop with internationally renowned architects and designersSmeg works with premium brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Coca-Cola so that we can provide the most unique and artistic fridges for your home.

8. They are extremely energy efficient.

With a re-scaled energy rating of D or E (model dependent) the entire FAB range has an impressive energy rating. Before the re-scale, these appliances would have been A+++ or A++ rated – the highest ratings possible, so they are just as energy efficient as ever have been. Read about the re-scaling here.

9. Co-ordinate your whole kitchen with matching appliances

By choosing Smeg, you can create a cohesive look in your kitchen with a kettle, toaster, coffee machine and more to match your colourful new fridge - there are even dishwasher options! 

Choose your size & split


A perfect choice for large families, the FAB50 with a width of 80 cm, offers extensive space to store ingredients in a busy home.

Fridge: 400 L 
Freezer: 124 L

Shop FAB50 fridge freezers

At 70cm wide, the FAB38 is larger than a standard fridge, making it the ideal choice for larger spaces and bigger families.

Fridge: 344 L 
Freezer: 137 L

Shop FAB38 fridge freezers

The classic split, the FAB32 is a popular choice as it offers both a large fridge and freezer compartment, suitable for everyday use.

Fridge: 234 L 
Freezer: 97 L

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Like to keep lots of fresh ingredients? The FAB30 offers a large fridge compartment with a medium sized freezer, perfect for storing local produce.

Fridge: 222 L 
Freezer: 72 L

Shop FAB30 fridge freezers

The FAB28 is the cult of style and creativity. An icon in refrigeration, it offers the most colour options and special editions including Coca-Cola.

Fridge: 244 L 
Freezer: 26 L

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A mini fridge perfect for any environment, the FAB10 has included special collaborations over the years with peanuts and Veuve Clicquot.

Fridge: 105 L 
Freezer: 17 L

Shop FAB10 fridge freezers

The smallest in the FAB range, the FAB5 minibar is ideal for the living room, bedroom, or home office - it even adds a stylish touch to hotel rooms. 

Fridge: 34 L 
Freezer: N/A

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Unrivalled style

Rounded curves and chrome details coordinate perfectly, from the exterior front to the inner refrigerator door.

Unique handle

The knurled handle, a tribute to the 1950s, adds a retro touch to the door and allows it to be opened easily.

Elegant chrome finishes

The profiles of the door shelves and glass shelves are designed with shiny chrome finishes in a retro design.

LED lights
Bright LED light strips provide optimal illumination and total visibility of the interior. These are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.


Fruit & vegetable drawer

This drawer is ideal for storing your fruit and vegetables, keeping them fresher and crisper for longer.*

Life plus drawer

A controlled temperature zone (-2°C +3°C) designed for better and longer preservation of perishable food such as fish, cheese and meat.*

No Frost

The freezer compartment has a No frost system, so manual defrosting is not needed, the refrigerator will do it for you.*

Ice maker

The manual ice maker in the freezer compartment ensures you have enough ice for entertaining in style.*

Fast freezer

Ideal to use after returning from the shops with frozen items like ice cream that need quick freezing.*


The Multiflow air circulation system optimises cold air distribution to ensure even temperature, creating the perfect storage conditions for food and drink.*


This power-saving mode allows you to disable the refrigerator but keep the freezer working, so energy isn’t wasted whilst you're away from home for a long period of time.*

Auto defrost

This stops icy build-ups in your fridge.*

Active ION system

Smeg's Active Ion system neutralises bacteria and other impurities responsible for unpleasant food odour keeping your fridge in top condition.*

Digital LED display

The refrigerator has an independent LED digital display with temperature control for the refrigerator unit and freezer compartment,*

*These features are available on some models

Things to remember

Make sure you have enough space

When placing a retro-style refrigerator next to a wall or kitchen cabinet, you must leave a gap of 200mm for a FAB50 or 175mm for all other models on the hinged side. This will provide easy access to the interior and enough space for the door to open.

Choose the most suitable hinge

The majority of our 50s retro refrigeration range is available with right and left-hand hinges, providing extra flexibility when planning your kitchen. However, these refrigerators do not have reversible doors so choose carefully when deciding which side opening will work better for your space.

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Need help?

Did you know that Smeg has a dedicated support website which is full of useful information about our products, including everything from how to check your fridge temperature to how to register your warranty?

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