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Considering a new dishwasher?

Our handy buying guide will help you find the best dishwasher for your kitchen that won't just leave your cutlery sparkling clean but will also save you time and money.

According to research only 49% of households in the UK currently own a dishwasher so why do so many households continue to wash up by hand? 
For some a dishwasher may be seen as a luxury appliance, others may be under the assumption that a dishwasher will use more water and will cost more to run vs washing by hand, or it could simply be because of the lack of kitchen space available.

Dishwashers deserve some serious consideration as they have so many advantages ranging from saving substantial time and effort, water, energy and money, through to ensuring better hygiene (as they can reach temperatures much higher than hand washing)sparkly dishes, and of course, a clutter free kitchen! Most importantly, it’s the time, water and money saved when using a dishwasher which are the real advantages. 

So how do dishwashers use less water than a sink? well when washing by hand, excess water is wasted running the tap until hot, and rinsing dishes afterwards in cold water consumes more water. In a dishwasher however, the machine cleans and recycles small amounts of water as it washes.

Smeg dishwashers come in various sizes and styles, so how do you choose what is right for you? Here are some of the decisions you need to make to find the best dishwasher for you!

Choose your installation

Smeg offers something for every kitchen design, with freestanding and integrated models available.


Often the most popular choice, a freestanding dishwasher is clearly visible within the kitchen, making its own statement. 


Designed to blend into your kitchen, hidden from view behind your kitchen cabinet door. 

Choose your size

Depending on the space within your kitchen, a choice of 60cm and 45cm wide dishwashers are available. 

60cm - Full-sized

Full-size, 60cm models are ideal for medium to large households, especially those who carry out lots of home cooking, holding 13 or 14-place settings.

45cm - Slimline

Alternatively, slimline 45cm models are great space-saving solutions, and popular amongst couples and small families, offering 10 place settings and the same wash performance as larger models.

Choose your style

If you want to stand out from the crowd, why not consider the 50’s Style retro built-in or freestanding dishwasher range.

For a more traditional aesthetic there are many stainless steel or black dishwashers to choose from.

If your looking for a subtle dishwasher, hidden from view then built in dishwashers are perfect.

What features should i look for?

The Smeg dishwasher range has recently been renewed. Attention to detail and careful consideration has been taken in order to produce the best dishwasher range yet with a fresh and contemporary visual aesthetic. A number of new features and improvements have been made and some of these are listed below:


The third cutlery basket; the Smeg Flexi Duo, consists of 2 separate and movable sections which can be adjusted individually or even removed entirely depending on your loading needs allowing for tall glasses below or deep utensils above.


The upper basket can be adjusted on 3 levels even when the basket is fully loaded, to allow plates or large items of up to 30cm diameter to be placed below it.


Glasses are kept secure thanks to the new designed stem glass holders which have a minimum touch area, stopping any movement and reducing water marks on touch points. These also offer increased stability for tumblers, larger glasses and mugs


Smeg’s continuous research and development has resulted three excellent wash systems; Planetarium and Orbital for 60cm models and SwingWash for 45cm dishwashers. Each system works in its own unique way offering precision that ensures an excellent washing quality.


Due to the re-design of the inner duct of the upper spray arm, water that passes through it does so at a 20% increase in pressure, resulting in an even better wash performance. The spray arm itself now has revised jets located on the upper and lower part of the centralised extra arm, a feature that ensures the best wash possible for your dishes.


The new flatter shape of the inner door accommodates a larger upper basket and incorporates a new improved detergent dispenser with a sliding lid for easier access which can house the largest sized tablets available on the market. The curve above the dispenser allows water to be pushed through it much more effectively, ensuring total dispersion of the tablet, liquid or powder.


The Flexifit hinge system allows smooth sliding of the dishwasher door, in order to offer freedom in the choice of the dimensions of the panel and the plinth, the height of which can vary from 5 to 21.5 cm. The dishwasher harmonises with the cabinet in which it is inserted, allowing the door and the plinth to appear almost flush, with a minimum distance between the two of only 3 mm.

What else should I look out for?

  • Total aquastop is an important electronic device which monitors water levels in the machine to detect leaks in the hose and switchs off the water supply immediately if necessary.
  • Aquatest measures the clarity of the water during an auto programme, and automatically ensures the minimum consumption of water and energy.
  • A delay timer can postpone the start of a programme by up to 24 hours, which is really handy for making use of cheaper night-time electricty rates.
  • If choosing a built in dishwasher then Activelight is a great feature to look for. An LED light projects a red spot onto the floor beneath the dishwasher when the appliance is in use.
  • A great device to help with drying is DryAssist, which at the end of the drying cycle slowly opens the door which ensures perfect drying.
  • Selected dishwashers within the range now feature an inverter motor. This motor is durable, reliable and long lasting, for added peace of mind. It also reduces noise levels for a quieter appliance.

Need help?

Did you know that Smeg has a dedicated support website which is full of useful information about our products, including everything from how to remove and clean the filter in your dishwasher to how to register your warranty?

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