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Maximalist Magic: Sophie Robinson's Magnet Kitchen

Step into the world of interior design sensation Sophie Robinson and her kitchen transformation featuring a stunning array of Smeg appliances and Magnet kitchen cabinetry.

Sophie Robinson is well-known designer, TV presenter, and interior design expert. If you've tuned into the BBC series Interior Design Masters, you'll likely recognise her as one of the judges, with a great eye for the vibrant and creative. But Sophie's design philosophy doesn't stop at the screen; it extends to her engaging Instagram feed and blog posts, where she showcases a mesmerising array of bold and beautiful interiors, avoiding the mundane realm of beige. Sophie has also embarked on a personal journey of home improvement, most recently redoing her own kitchen with the help of Magnet, and embellished it with an array of Smeg appliances for that extra touch of style and functionality.

Restaurant Quality Results: Galileo Ovens

Two Stainless steel Classic Galileo ovens have been installed side by side within Sophie's impressive kitchen island.

The first, a SteamOne oven which can be used as a traditional oven, a steam oven or a combination of both technologies can be selected for succulent results.  
The second is a SpeedwaveXL oven. This oven can be used as a traditional oven, as a large microwave oven, or a combination of both technologies can be used which results in a 40% reduction in cooking times.

Sophie's choice of these two ovens was influenced by her love for their classic styling and the fact that they perfectly blend traditional aesthetics with modern convenience. With a digital display that allows for precision cooking, these ovens offer the best of both worlds. By opting for two full-sized ovens and placing them side by side, Sophie not only achieved an aesthetically pleasing kitchen setup but also maximised her cooking space. Additionally, by selecting a SpeedwaveXL oven, she eliminated the need for a countertop microwave, as this oven has that functionality covered.

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Mastering Culinary Precision: The Induction Hob

Installed flush into the large island unit at the hub of the kitchen is Smeg's 90cm Induction hob, featuring 5 large powerful cooking zones and touch controls for precision cooking. Clean, modern and elegant, this hob offers a minimalist design suitable for any kitchen aesthetic.
By choosing this Induction hob, Sophie can take advantage of the exceptionally fast boiling times, safety features, energy savings and easy cleaning. 
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Morning Rituals: Coffee and Breakfast

Sophie has created a dedicated coffee station which displays the Smeg Milk frother, Espresso coffee machine and Coffee grinder. 

Discreetly stowed away in the pantry cupboard are the other small appliances, a 4 slot toaster and personal blender.

Even though the small appliances come in a great choice of bright colours, Sophie opted for the cream so that they didn't steal away from the delicate Chalk Blush cabinets.

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Seamless Integration: Refrigeration and Dishwashing

Finally, skillfully concealed behind the kitchen's cupboard doors are a meticulously coordinated tall larder fridge, a matching tall freezer, a smaller undercounter freezer, and a full sized 60cm dishwasher.



Hob, Aesthetics: Universal, Induction, 90 cm, Built-in: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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Oven, Classic, Galileo cavity: SteamOne, 60cm, Combi Steam, Stainless steel, A+, Pyrolytic
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Oven, Classic, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Stainless steel, Vapor Clean
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Refrigerator, Universal, One Door, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, White, Fan assisted, F
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Freezers, Universal, Single door, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, White, No Frost, Energy efficiency class: F
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Freezers, Universal, Under counter, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, White, Static, Energy efficiency class: F
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Milk Frother, Cream, 50's Style
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Espresso with Pump, Cream, 50's Style
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Coffee Grinder, Cream, 50's Style
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Toaster, No. of slices: 4, Cream, 50's Style
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Blenders, Cream, 50's Style
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