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How to choose the best oven for your kitchen

Choosing a new oven can feel complicated with so many types to choose from.  Thankfully our comprehensive buyers guide for 2023/4 makes it easy for you to identify the perfect oven for your needs, so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying cooking.

Your oven is one of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen, cooking everything from your main meals to batch-baking sweet treats, so choosing the right one is crucial.
Smeg's oven buyers guide has been designed to help you find the best oven to suit your needs whilst unleashing your inner chef!


Choosing the right type of oven is fundamental to identifying the best oven for your requirements and kitchen layout.

View the different size options below to see which type of oven would best suit your needs.

Built-in single oven

A built-in single oven is the most popular and typical oven choice for most households and is large enough for most families. These can be positioned anywhere, whether it be in a built-in unit at eye level or under the worktop.

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Built-in double oven

For people with larger families or skilled cooks who prepare a variety of foods, a built-in double oven is ideal. You can grill in the top oven while cooking something else in the bottom oven thanks to their two independent oven areas.

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Built-under double oven

A built-under double oven can be your best option if you require more cooking versatility than a single oven but lack the space for a built-in double oven. They have two distinct oven areas in a smaller area.

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Built-in compact oven

Expand your culinary possibilities with a compact oven. These ovens, which offer additional cooking options like steam and the microwave and can be grouped in a bank of appliances, are perfect for small spaces.

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Built-in extra wide oven

When catering for larger families or batch cooking, Smeg's 90 cm extra wide built-in ovens are ideal.

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Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, Smeg has a design aesthetic to suit every home.

Dolce Stil Novo: High Tech, Italian Luxury

If your interior is sleek and ultra-modern, the Dolce Stil Novo range will suit your contemporary space. With elegant copper detailing, the range perfectly blends leading design & technology.

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Victoria: The Traditional / Retro Kitchen

The Victoria collection combines beautiful retro styling with modern technology; characterised by its unique curved door, distinctive chunky controls and signature retro detailing.

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Linea: Contemporary Sophistication

If you’re looking for a built-in oven that's contemporary in style, the distinctive Linea range is worth a detailed look. Symmetrical lines, balance and light characterise the glass fronted range, available in two premium finishes.

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Classic: Refined Industrial

Timeless design details give the Classic range its name, however it’s the striking combination of industrial stainless steel & black eclipse glass which is the real head turner. The range looks at home in both modern traditional kitchen settings making it an incredibly versatile.

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Cucina: Simplicity and Practicality Combined

Cucina ovens are ideal for those in search of a highly practical and simple appliance with essential functions and programmes. Each model has been constructed with finger-friendly stainless steel and stylish glass.

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Knowing what features are available, and choosing the right features for your style of cooking can significantly elevate the joy you get from cooking or baking.

Here are a few features to keep an eye out when selecting your oven.


Use for rapid cooking and uniform browning of foods. Large grills are perfect for chops or sausages. whilst half grills are ideal for smaller quantities. Closed door grilling will keep smells inside your Smeg oven. 


The fan distributes heat evenly throughout the cavity and when using Smeg's Circulaire function multi layered cooking can be achieved, with no flavour transfer between foods so delicate and strongly fragranced foods can be cooked together.


A healthier way to cook, steam cooking retains the moisture and nutrients in your food whilst intensifying the flavours, producing succulent and juicy results when cooking meats, fish, and even bread. 

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Microwave ovens will cook food in the shortest time possible with a considerable energy saving. They can also thaw and heat food without altering its original appearance and aroma. 

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Dirt and grease are burnt away effortlessly with pyrolytic cleaning, whist steam loosens it using vapor cleaning. What’s more easy clean enamelled interiors make it difficult for dirt to adhere to the cavity, so keeping your oven clean is made as simple as possible.


Cook like a professional with precise temperature control. The probe will measure the internal temperature of your food for effortless cooking results.

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Ovens with a proving function provide the perfect environment for proving yeast type dough mixes and guarantee superb rising results quickly.

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The sabbath function has been specifically designed to meet the strict Shabbat Law requirements of the Jewish community and as such Smeg's ovens have been certified mehadrin (Super Kosher)

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Which ovens are best for baking?

The best ovens for baking are ones that have a touchscreen display. This is because the thermostat has a greater degree of accuracy, allowing perfect baking results.

Where is the best place to locate an oven in the kitchen?

Single ovens can be placed pretty much anywhere within the kitchen, below a hob or at waist height in-column. Read our 'arranging built-in appliances' guide to find out more about your installation options.

How do you measure an oven?

Always check the technical drawing for your oven for exact measurements but as a guide, the below housing unit measurements can be referred to:

Single ovens - 60 cm x 60 cm
Compact ovens - 45 cm x 60 cm 
Built-in double ovens - 60 cm x 90 cm
Built under double ovens - 60cm x 72 cm 

How do you install an oven?

For detailed installation instructions, download the user manual from our website. You'll need a qualified electrician to fit an electric oven or a Gas Safe Registered Engineer when fitting a gas oven.
Smeg's single ovens have a 3.0 kW nominal power so it's possible to fit a 13 amp plug to the cable provided for hassle-free installation.

Need help?

Did you know that Smeg has a dedicated support website which is full of useful information about our products, including everything from how to remove the inner door glass from your oven to how to register your warranty?

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