Washer dryers

Smeg washer dryer is the perfect way of keeping your clothes clean, fresh, and dry – all in one appliance.


Smeg washer-dryers deliver pristine, dry clothes in one efficient cycle using a single appliance. Simply place your soiled garments inside, start the wash and then take them out at the end of the drying cycle. They will be clean and ready to wear instantly. The result: less space occupied and more time gained.
Transform your space into something spectacular

In the spotlight or behind the scenes

Find the perfect solution for any space, whether you prefer the elegant, contemporary charm of free-standing washer-dryers that can be placed anywhere, adding a touch of style to any corner, or the discreet convenience of fully integrated washer-dryers seamlessly hidden behind a furniture door, minimising space usage.

Autocleaning system

This exclusive patented system, stops the formation of lint and impurities inside the condensation system ensuring maximum reliability of the machine.

Clean cycle

A clean cycle has been specifically designed to maintain the efficiency of Smeg's washer dryers over time.