Tumble Dryers

Smeg tumble dryers offer excellent performance thanks to a cushioning dry care drum and innovative heat pump technology. Choose a model to suit your needs.


A tumble dryer is great for neutralising unpleasant odours and eliminating the need for fabric softeners. The hot air gently softens fibres without causing unsightly creases while removing residual moisture, reducing the need for ironing. Simply open the door and enjoy the benefit of having fresh clothes ready to wear.

Laundry folded on a table with a plant
Wash, dry, wear, and repeat: Say goodbye to wasted time on ironing.


Heat pump technology conserves and re-uses hot air saving money in energy.

Using an energy efficient heat exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower than conventional dryers, offering better protection for your clothes.


The structure of the heart shaped drum creates a cushioning layer of air between the clothing and the drum as the clothes tumble, reducing friction and fabric damage. The drum also creates extra lift of the clothing, facilitating excellent airflow and drying performance.

Washing machine & Dryer stacking kit

Your Smeg washing machine and tumble dryer can be placed next to one another, or you can choose to stack them with our optional stacking kit accessory for a tidy, vertical space-saving solution. Ideal for utility rooms!

View the stacking kit