Smeg's comprehensive range of dishwashers comprises both freestanding and built-in integrated models. Choose a slimline or full size machine in your preferred finish and basket layout to suit your kitchen space and washing requirements.

60cm dishwashers

Smeg's 60cm dishwasher range includes a variety of 60cm freestanding, integrated or under-counter dishwashers. Choose from an array of colours, place settings, installation methods, or design styles from modern to our iconic retro 50's design range.

Our A-rated models are kinder for the environment enabling you to relax, knowing that not only are your dishes being lovingly cleaned; you are actually using less resources than washing up by hand.

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45cm dishwashers

If your kitchen space is limited, a Smeg built-in or freestanding slimline dishwasher may be just what you've been looking for - just 45cm wide.

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The brilliance of Made in Italy

Know-how, creativity and refinement embody the essence of Italian style and, at the same time, define Smeg. Through continuous efforts, Smeg brings life to everyday objects.

Why Buy a Smeg Dishwasher?

Smeg Dishwashers offer both freestanding and built-in, integrated models so there is something to suit every kitchen space. Our home economist talks through the different types of styles, sizes and technology available, as well as some of the key features.
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Effortless, Limitless, Noiseless

With over four decades of expertise in designing and producing dishwashers, both in the domestic and professional sectors, Smeg has pioneered a cutting-edge washing system. This system ensures reduced consumption, top-quality results and guaranteed hygiene, combined with a distinctive and iconic design.

Eco-friendly essential for modern living

Traditional handwashing often results in significant water waste during the time it takes to reach the desired temperature, and rinsing in cold water only adds to this. In contrast, Smeg dishwashers operate with remarkable efficiency, using minimal water and cleverly recycling it throughout the entire cleansing cycle."

Flexi Duo cutlery basket

Installed on high end models, the top cutlery basket, known as Flexi Duo, consists of 2 separate and movable trays which can be adjusted individually or removed entirely depending on your loading needs.

An intelligent solution that makes room for long stemmed wine glasses, deep utensils and tall pans.

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Planetarium Wash System

Equipped with patented technology, Smeg 60cm dishwashers fitted with the planetarium wash system benefit from the very best wash coverage.

Planetary movement is the key; the main wash arm revolves clockwise whilst the stem moves in the opposite direction on a second axis. This spiralising directional motion sprays water evenly in a 360° sweep at a pace of around 65rpm.

Complex as the engineering sounds, the result is simple – sparkling dishes every time!

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Smeg dishwashers are developed based on the values that guide the company every day, including environmental sustainability. Smeg has successfully researched a method that guarantees both outstanding washing results and water and energy optimization, managing to classify its appliances in the highest energy efficiency class (Class A).
The products represent a crucial step toward a more sustainable future and a healthier, more welcoming planet for the next generations.