Smeg's award winning cookers come in a variety of sizes, layouts and finishes to suit your needs. Choose either a dual fuel model with gas hob and electric ovens, or all electric - with induction or ceramic hob.

Award-winning cookers, Made in Italy design and the latest technology

Why choose a Smeg cooker?

Built and designed in Italy, with high-quality, robust materials, there is a range cooker to suit every kitchen. This video will show the various aesthetics, sizes and colours available, as well as some features and functions.

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A size for every kitchen

From 60 cm to 150 cm, the ideal solution can be found for limited spaces, such as compact city-style and loft-style flats, as well as for larger rooms and entertaining guests.
60cm wide cookers
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70cm wide cookers
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90cm wide cookers
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100cm wide cookers
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110cm wide cookers
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120cm wide cookers
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150cm wide cookers
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Fuel options tailor-made to every need

Gas Hobs

Combining electric oven(s) with gas hobs provides instant and precise heat control, excellent visibility, and ultra-fast burner performance.

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Induction Hobs

Combining electric ovens with induction hobs offers instant heat, precise control for low simmering, cool-to-touch glass surfaces, enhanced safety features, and energy efficiency. This combination provides a versatile cooking experience while ensuring a high level of safety and convenience.

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Ceramic Hobs

Pairing ceramic hobs equipped with residual heat indicators for enhanced safety with high-efficiency electric ovens provides a reliable and efficient cooking solution.

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Mixed Hobs

Mixed hobs offer the ultimate flexibility in cooking, combining the convenience of an electric oven with a hob featuring gas, induction, and even a teppanyaki cooking zone. This versatility allows for a wide range of cooking techniques and options to suit various culinary preferences.

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Cooking with style but also with the highest performance and safety

Meat probe
Perfect cooking results are guaranteed by constantly monitoring the temperature of food thanks to the probe sensor.
Preset recipes
TFT touch screen display allows to save up to 10 recipes with just a touch. Also, 46 pre-set automatic recipes are available for cooking effortlessly. 
Steam cooking
Thanks to its delicate nature steam cooks in a different way,  locking in food's nutritional and organoleptic properties.
Telescopic guides
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these rails not only ensure durability but also a perfect fit and reliable and safe removal of food.

Pyrolytic Perfection: Effortless Cleaning

Through pyrolysis, Smeg cookers ensure maximum hygiene and safety during food preparation. When selecting the pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt and grease are effortlessly burnt away at temperatures up to 500°C, eliminating the need for detergents. Simply wipe clean when cool.

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Energy Efficient Performance

Smeg ovens guarantee even baking temperatures and top energy efficiency ratings by incorporating special insulation and unique enamel coatings.

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Triple Fanned Cookers

Selected Smeg 90cm cookers offer up to three fans. This ensures even distribution inside the oven - perfect cooking & baking conditions for even browning.

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