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Smeg x Coca-Cola - limited edition unity fridge

No stranger to iconic brand partnerships, Smeg is excited to announce their collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. Together they have created a retro style fridge that embodies the spirit of inclusivenessdiversity, and optimism, the Smeg x Coca-Cola Unity fridge. 
Created to mark the 50th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s iconic “Harmony” commercial, the SMEG FAB “Unity” refrigerator is a limited edition piece that forms part of Coca-Cola’s 1971 unity collection. Each limited edition product will have an official numbered plaque to mark its authenticity.

Coke's beloved TV commercial aired in 1971 and featured a diverse group of young people singing together on an Italian hilltop that they would "like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony," 
Filmed during a global cultural shift, the commercial was ground-breaking for its time. The message of unity, especially in times of struggle, is something that resonates just as strongly today as it did fifty years ago.

The sophisticated exterior of the fridge features Coca-Cola inspired artwork, celebrating the 70’s era with its psychedelic design. Bursting with colour, the whimsical design encourages us all to have a coke!

Inside, the fridge offers plenty of space for all your groceries plus removable glass shelves, a life plus compartment for preserving perishable foods and a fruit and vegetable drawer. There is also an icebox for storing ice and frozen foods.

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