Sleek Design, Superior Blend: Introducing Smeg's High Performance Blender

The Smeg food preparation family renowned for its personal blenders and jug blenders welcomes a new addition: The BLC02 high-performance blender, with vacuum pump.

Setting new standards in both design and functionality, the high-performance blender stands out with its contemporary aesthetic and luxurious matte finish. But it's not just about looks—this blender redefines the art of blending with its powerful performance and vacuum technology, promising not just a stylish addition to homes but a culinary revolution.

Enhance your culinary experience with a blender that can handle a wide range of recipes and textures.

Endless preparation possibilities

Smeg's high-performance blender, the BLC02, seamlessly blends a variety of textures, enabling you to create a diverse range of culinary delights with the help of its dedicated automatic programs.

Delight in the creamy goodness of a fruit smoothie or yoghurt with the 'Smoothie' setting, embark on a nutrient-packed journey with the 'Green Smoothie' programme designed for leafy green vegetables, enjoy spoonfuls of freshness with 'Frozen Dessert,' and effortlessly crush ice for refreshing cocktails and iced beverages with the 'Ice Crush' option.

In addition, Smeg BLC02 is also perfect for preparing floursbutterscreams, nut milks and much more!

Performance and efficiency

The LCD display on the control knob provides a clear view of the selected speed, the count-up in manual mode and the count-down in automatic programmes.

Tailor your blending experience using the Single and Family serve modes, allowing you to customise the quantities according to your personal preferences. The Pulse function ensures total control over blending duration and frequency, allowing you to achieve customised textures for a variety of preparations.

Finally, the Autoclean pre-set program takes the hassle out of cleanup by cleaning the jug after every use. 

The vacuum pump

By removing air from the jug, the vacuum pump accessory prevents ingredient contact with air, reducing oxidation and preserving the nutritional quality of your creations. The result is vibrant colours, enhanced flavours and smooth textures.

Accessories included

A practical set of accessories completes the product, enhancing its usability. The tamper press can be used to guide ingredients into the central cutting area, making it perfect for thicker dishes like dried fruit butter or cold desserts. The spatula facilitates the collection of food residues inside the jug. Finally, the cleaning brush is provided to carefully remove any lingering food residues from the blade area.

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