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An interview with Professional Triathlete Olivia Mathias

Discover the inspiring journey of Professional British Triathlete Olivia Mathias, proudly sponsored by Smeg. Read the exclusive interview.

An interview with Olivia Mathias

Congratulations on your recent event in Toulouse! How did you and the team get on?

Toulouse was so much fun! SuperLeague is very different to world triathlon racing; it’s much more chaotic, fast, and requires a lot of quick thinking, which makes it so hard but also so much fun at the same time! I wasn’t feeling 100% myself over the weekend, so I was pleased to hold onto a 4th for a solid result.

What does it feel like to be on the start line with the British team (or can we call it Team GB?)

It’s so cool to be part of the British team; there are so many good athletes, and for us all to be a team in the Superleague is actually really nice, as we don’t usually get to race as a team as much! I think we’re lucky as well to have such a strong nation, which therefore creates a super strong team at SuperLeauge, we’re definitely in it to win it this year!

How did you celebrate the famous win with partner Alex?

We usually celebrate the races properly at the end of the season in our season break by going on holidays or visiting places in the UK that we’ve seen in the year. After each race, I try to decorate the house a bit and make some yummy food or a bit of a hamper with his favourite things to celebrate. Quite often, my parents will come over too, and we’ll go for food or something like that. It’s sometimes hard to celebrate properly when there are still so many races left. We usually celebrate with our friends/ training partners too, with a bit of a party in the off-season!

What food / nutrition / recipes do you use most regularly to fuel your training and competitions?

I mostly do all the cooking at home. I try to make different things to keep it interesting; some of my favourites are poke bowls, crispy beef ramen, or I don’t think you can go wrong with a classic Sunday roast! I also do a lot of baking at home, which is super easy with my mixer. We do enjoy a sweet treat!

What’s your favourite smoothie or juice drink using the Smeg personal blender?

So I will quite often make a smoothie post-training with my smeg blender. A go-to is frozen mixed berries, Greek yoghurt, honey, milk, banana, and a splash of apple juice (the apple juice really makes it). Another one is peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, banana, cinnamon, milk, or supplement the peanut butter with Nutella.

I also use it to make pancake mix too!

Talking coffee, what’s your favourite drink, spoilt for choice with La Pavoni and smeg machines in the household?

Alex takes control of the coffee in our house. haha, we have 2-3 coffees a day, and it’s definitely something we both look forward to when going to bed, haha, thinking about our morning coffees. I’m not such a pro yet; I use the smeg machine as it’s super easy to use, but I’m sure Alex will teach me how to use the La Pavoni; it’s very high-tech! The coffees made are 10/10! My latte art is limited though; I can only give hearts haha.

Olivia has the Smeg personal blender, the La Pavoni Cellini Classic Semi-professional coffee machine and the La Pavoni Cilindro Prosumer Coffee Grinder.

What’s your favourite part of the event, bike run or swim?

So it changes quite a lot depending on what’s going well at the time, but if I had to pick one of them as my favourite to train, it would probably be running. I just don’t think you can beat meeting up with friends on a Sunday morning, going for a long run around the trails and hills, then coming back to a cooked breakfast, smoothie, and of course coffee!

Does the support from Smeg help you compete through the year?

I can’t express enough how much the support from Smeg means to me. I feel like part of a family, and I’ve been racing with their support behind me for so many years now. I really do feel part of the team. They’ve supported me through the ups and downs, and I feel very fortunate and proud to be able to represent them too when I race. I’ve had so many products across the years that help so much with nutrition, which is very important with the 30-hour weeks we do. The additional financial support also helps me so much to get to races and fund flights /accommodations to allow me to go to races to fight for points and rankings and to achieve podiums. It’s a very expensive sport, and I really wouldn’t be where I am now without their continued support. I can’t thank them enough.

What is your career highlight to date?

For sure, my career highlight so far is getting a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games representing Wales. It was such a special weekend to have loads of friends, family, and members of the Smeg team coming to watch.

What’s up next/ in the future?

My next race is the Pontevedra Grand Final and then the World Cup in Rome. I’ll finish my season off with the last SuperLeauge out in Neom, where hopefully the British sharks will take it home!!!

And then, for the future, I hope to one day make an Olympic team and fight for a medal at the games!

Make Olivia's Berry & Banana Smoothie

Ingredients and method:

  • Handful of frozen berries
  • 1 whole banana
  • 3 tbsp of Greek yoghurt
  • Splash of orange & mango juice
  • Squeeze of honey
  • Top up with milk and blend

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