Sea Salt Green: Smeg's Latest Addition to the Retro Fridge Range

A refreshing new colourway that will transform your kitchen

A Versatile Neutral Addition to Smeg's Retro Range

While Smeg has long been renowned for its colourful and eye-catching options across its Retro range of appliances, it also offers a variety of neutral options including cream, white, and taupe. The latest shade to be added to the range is Sea Salt Green - A distinctive colour but also a versatile neutral, perfect for pairing with both warm and cool tones within the kitchen. Its natural elegance and timeless appeal make it the ideal choice for those seeking a colour that transcends trends and will never go out of style. The surface of the fridge features an extraordinary soft to touch effect, introducing a unique tactile texture into the kitchen.

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Retro Refresh: Vintage Vibes

Sea Salt Green is a soft and serene hue that evokes visions of calm coastal landscapes and cool summer afternoons. This soothing shade brings a breath of fresh air into any space, infusing it with a sense of calmness and vitality. Moreover, the Sea Salt Green fridge together with the curves of its 50s styling carries a delightful nostalgic charm, evoking memories of vintage kitchen decor. Whether used as a subtle accent or as the focal point of a room, Sea Salt Green invites you to relax and enjoy its timeless charm.

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Interior Excellence: A Spacious Design

Inside the fridge there is plenty of space for all your groceries with a generous 244 litre capacity. Removable glass shelves provide customisable organisation and bright LED lighting strips ensures every corner is perfectly illuminated, while the Multiflow cooling system distributes cold air equally throughout the refrigerator. To preserve perishable foods such as fish and cheese a designated life plus compartment is available plus a fruit and vegetable drawer. There is also a 26 litre icebox that offers convenient storage for small quantities of frozen food and ice.

A Match Made in Design: Sea Salt Green and Neptune Grey Appliances

A fantastic alternative to traditional neutral hues, Sea Salt Green brings whimsy and character to any space while providing a subtle pop of colour. As seen here, Smeg's Neptune Grey oven and hob pair beautifully with the Sea Salt Green FAB28 fridge, creating a sophisticated and stylish kitchen. The soft, cool undertones of Neptune Grey complement the warmth of Sea Salt Green, resulting in a balanced and cohesive colour palette.

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