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Multi‐food grinder body, fastening ring nut and screw auger in aluminium alloy

Food tray in plastic to contain the food to be grounded

Storage container in plastic for food or for multi‐food grinder and accessories

Fastening ring nut spanner in plastic to make easier putting or removing it.

Food pusher and container in plastic for unused accessories.

Accessories Included

‐ *3 discs in stainless steel for mincing/grinding:

1) Coarse Ø 8.0 mm

2) Medium Ø 4.2 mm

3) Fine Ø 3.0 mm

‐ * Plastic sausage stuffer and Kebbe accessories

‐ * Silicone cleaner accessory for fine and medium grinder discs

*Dishwasher safe


  • SMF01BLUK - Stand mixer, Black
  • SMF01CRUK - Stand mixer, Cream
  • SMF01RDUK - Stand mixer, Red
  • SMF01PBUK - Stand mixer, Pastel Blue
  • SMF01PGUK - Stand mixer, Pastel Green
  • SMF01PKUK - Stand mixer, Pink