50's Style


50's Style
26 cm
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The two stainless steel side handles designed with a large, ergonomic shape, ensure a comfortable and safe grip.

Uses and cooking method

This 26cm diameter (7.7 litres) high-sided casserole dish is perfect for stewing and braising, boiling pasta and cooking vegetables.


The internal non-stick coating allows less oils and fats to be used for a healthier way of cooking. It is particularly resistant to high temperatures and is therefore suitable for all methods of cooking. Thanks to its high abrasion resistance and porosity absence, it is exceptionally easy to clean.

Aluminium body

Aluminium guarantees optimum thermal conductivity radiating heat uniformly over the whole surface to avoid the formation of any hot spots where food can scorch.

Patented base

The special patented shaping guarantees uniform heat distribution and excellent adherence of the steel base to the aluminium body. 

Stainless steel handles

Made from stainless steel, all single and double handles are hard-wearing, durable and compatible with high temperatures. They are riveted onto the body and feature slots which ensure optimum water drainage when washing.

Tempered glass lid

The lid is comprised of tempered glass and features a steel handle and a steam vent to improve usability. Its transparency allows cooking progress to be easily monitored at all times.


Category: Kitchenware
Family: Cookware
Codice UPC: 812895021943
EAN code: 8017709296575
Type: Casseroles


Colour: Red
Finishing: Matt
Aesthetics: 50's Style
Body material: Cold-forged aluminium
Internal coating: Non-stick PTFE
Internal color: Black
Bottom plate color: Stainless steel
Bottom plate material: Stainless steel
Rim finishing: Rectified
Handle(s) type: Side handles
Handle(s) color: Stainless steel
Handle(s) material: Stainless steel AISI304
Handle(s) finishing: Polished
Lid color: Transparent
Lid material: Tempered glass with stainless steel rim
Lid's shape: Flat
Lid vent hole: Yes
Knob color: stainless steel
Knob material: Stainless steel
Knob finishing: Polished

Technical Features

Diameter: 26 cm
Contact bottom diameter: 193 mm
Volume: 7.7 l
Base thickness: 4.5 mm
Number of non-stick layers: 3
Handle(s) application: Riveting
Oven safe: Up to 250°C/480°F
Stainless steel plate thickness: 0,5 mm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Dishwasher safe lid: Yes
Heavy metals free: Yes
Nickel free: Yes

Logistic Information

Depth (mm): 274 mm
Width (mm): 378 mm
Product Height (mm): 174 mm
Product height with lid: 222 mm
Packed width: 435 mm
Packaged depth: 339 mm
Height (mm) packed: 212 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 212x435x339 mm
Net weight (kg): 3.470 kg
Dimensions of the product (mm): 174x378x274 mm

Technical sheet