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Vitality System, Smeg's recipe for high quality, healthy food.

Vitality System - smeg

Food lies at the heart of a healthy balanced lifestyle but simply paying attention to the quality of the produce we buy is not enough. The way in which we preserve and cook our food is equally important, as mistakes and distractions can compromise not only the flavour of our dishes, but also the nutritional benefits that these bring. 

A new and exciting way to cook and preserve food is now available thanks to the blast chiller, a true first in our domestic product portfolio, working in conjunction with our innovative sous vide vacuum drawer. These help to produce healthier, higher quality, more flavoursome meals to a professional restaurant-quality standard. 

Multifunctional appliances

The vitality system from Smeg is composed of 3 revolutionary new products: the BLAST CHILLER designed to preserve the freshness and quality of food; the VACUUM DRAWER which helps preserve ingredients over time; and the COMBI-STEAM OVEN used to ensure dishes are steamed and baked in conjunction with an injection of moisture to deliver a true 'sous vide' style of cooking. 

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Smeg Vitality System

Blast chiller

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Combi Steam Oven

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Vacuum drawer

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A number of videos are available to help illustrate how you can get the most out of your blast chiller and vacuum drawer, highlighting those all-important key features. These products are a must have for those wishing to impress party guests with delicious experimental food.
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To maintain food quality, our built-in blast chiller works in conjunction with our sous vide vacuum drawer. Food can be chilled or frozen quickly using the blast chiller without losing any nutritional properties, flavour or consistency. It can then be stored away ready for when you need it, preventing food wastage.

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Smeg blast chillers are extremely versatile going from freezing to warming. By selecting this function, the blast chiller will keep pre-cooked dishes at fridge temperature all day and then heats up at a preset time, so your hot food is ready for when you arrive home.

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This function creates perfect proving conditions by keeping dough at the correct temperature without sudden changes in humidity levels. The proving cycle has up to 3 steps to allow you to obtain extremely light and digestable doughs using minimum yeast.

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This function allows dishes to be cooked at a conistent low temperature (up to 75˚C), far lower than traditional cooking temperatures available, resulting in tender, juicy meats with enhanced flavours and preserved aroma and consistency.

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Find out how you can preserve food in jars and containers using the vacuum drawer which extracts air ensuring food is preserved and maintains its nutritional benefits, alongside colour, texture and flavour.

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Vacuum drawers are excellent for preserving foods for longer, enhancing the protection when freezing and cooking food. They are also perfect for preparing food ready for delicate sous vide cooking. 

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Custom conservation

At the end of each cooling cycle, the blast chiller reverts to temperature conservation mode, maintaining stored food to correct temperatures. This function can be used to keep desserts and ice cream at an optimal temperature ready to serve, enhancing taste and consistancy.

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Making Limoncello using the Vacuum drawer

This video explores how the 'Chef' function on the Vacuum drawer can be used to create the classic Italian aperitif, Limoncello.

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The primary use of a blast chiller is to help to preserve ingredients. Through the rapid cooling, bacteria growth is halted increasing shelf life by up to 70%.

Rapid freezing ensures the integrity of fresh ingredients remain unaltered - freezing fruit and veg in season & avoiding it going soft when defrosted.

Blast chilling quickly lowers the temperature of cooked food down to just +3°C in < 90 minutes. By cooling rapidly, the quality and freshness of ingredients is preserved. 

Smeg blast chillers also offer warming functions, very handy when serving vegetables, fish & meat.

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Unaltered quality, healthy food

Cooling at room temperature creates optimal conditions for bacterial growth. Smeg blast chillers not only prevent this growth but also preserves the freshness, vivid colour, aroma and the consistency of freshly cooked food. 


Organised cooking

Smeg blast chillers are the ideal product for those who love cooking but lead busy lives. Large quantities of food can be prepared and preserved in portions to be eaten at a later date, tasting as fresh as if it had just been made. 


Less wastage

The blast chiller allows customers to preserve fresh and seasonal foods for longer, reducing food wastage and saving fridge space. 

LONG STORAGE LIFE with the Vacuum drawer

A vacuum drawer can be used to preserve fresh foods for storage in the fridge or freezer. Ingredients are sealed into an airtight plastic bag / container where air is extracted, creating the perfect conditions for longer storage. Liquids can even be sealed!
In this environment, nutrients and aromas are preserved perfectly, lasting 4 times longer. If frozen, bacteria is eliminated and food can be kept for many months.

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Smeg offers a range of accessories for the vacuum drawer to be used according to the amount and the consistency of the food to be cooked like VBAG1, VBAG2  (vacuum seal bags) and LIFEBOX.

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The Smeg Vitality System cookbook contains useful recipes for you to try at home. You will soon discover the freshness and quality of preserved food, creating delicious professional tasting dishes with amazing flavours. 

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