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Advanced 120cm Portofino Range Cookers

There's no need to compromise on function or design with this impressive double cavity, mixed fuel cooker. Find out more.

Smeg Portofino Range Cooker

This unique Portofino 120cm double cavity cooker has been launched in a range of new colours including turquoise blue, a first for Smeg. Vivid and elegant, this new hue echoes the rich tones of the Mediterranean town of Portofino, which inspired the range.


This double cavity Portofino cooker combines industry leading technology with unmistakeable Italian style.

The needs of every aspiring chef can be realised - offering 5 different cooking types, alongside professional performance, solid build quality and impressive energy ratings.


The spacious 120cm hob offers three different cooking options for versatility. Split into sections, there's a multi-zone induction hob, 3 x gas burners – including an ultra-rapid burner for intense heat – and an electric teppanyaki plate for preparing delicious sauteed dishes in minutes, inspired by traditional Asian cooking.


Beneath the hob are two full sized multifunction ovens: one with direct steam technology, the other with pyrolytic cleaning. Portofino is the only aesthetic that combines two independent ovens with different technologies in a 120cm format. This means that you can cook dishes with completely different flavours and preparation processes for numerous diners.

Both ovens also operate using multiple cooking fans for even browning and temperature distribution.