The oven is at the heart of every kitchen. It is responsible for the majority of cooking within the home. The perfect oven should heat up quickly, cook evenly, be easy to use and enhance your kitchen with an aesthetic that complements it. Smeg ovens have always had these important features but now exciting new additions have been introduced to the range offering even more technology, intuitiveness, and precision than ever before.

One of the most noticeable improvements is a large full colour VIVOscreen MAX premium display. Measuring in at 6”x3” (15x5.2cm), this extra wide screen allows more information and functions to be shown, which are easy to read, simple to use and very intuitive. Navigating through the new display is easy with full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling and by simply holding down any item on the display for 3 seconds a pop up will appear to explain its function.



High definition images beautifully illustrate the extensive range of automatic programmes for smart cooking. Visualised with real food photography, the Smart cooking option offers 100 automatic recipes to choose from and each dish will help suggest the best cooking function, temperature, duration - plus cooking level - for your chosen dish. All of these can then be completely customised.

If you prefer to create your own recipes, then the 'My recipes' section allows you to store up to 64 of your own favourite dishes. The cooking function, temperature, time and your own name for the dish will be saved, making the oven quick and simple to use for everyone. Alternatively, if you like to revisit ‘go to’ meals at home, then the history option will remember the last dishes you cooked, saving you time and effort.


Steam ovens with a VIVOscreen MAX display have the added benefit of a special sous vide function. This function provides delicate steam cooking of food inside a VBAG1/VBAG2, leaving food juicy and tender which melts in the mouth.

There are also 3 timers which can be set up independent of cooking, perfect for roast dinners where different elements require different timings.




To ensure perfect cooking results every time, a temperature probe is included which monitors the core temperature of the food. By inserting the probe into the thickest part of the meat various cuts and sizes can be cooked to perfection. 


Smeg Vivo ovens also benefit from WIFI capability via the SmegConnect smart App, allowing full control via your phone or tablet, perfect for preheating the oven on your way home from work. Browse the online cookbook, or even create & save your own.


smaller VIVOscreen display measuring in at 4”x3” (9.5x5.5cm) is also available with the same impressive features as the VIVOscreen Max. In addition, these displays also have a Multistep cooking option, where you can set up to 3 cooking steps in one dish, so you can Steam in step 1 to make meats juicer, bake with step 2 to switch to dry heat and then grill at step 3 using radiant heat to give food the perfect browning.