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Elevate Your Cooking with Smeg: HelloFresh's Secret Ingredient

HelloFresh is the UK's leading recipe box, offering flexible subscriptions with a diverse range of recipes that use high-quality, fresh ingredients. Their headquarters, where recipes are tested, features Smeg appliances, including the Victoria SteamOne Galileo oven.

Smeg is delighted to share news of its collaboration with HelloFresh, the renowned recipe box subscription service, which streamlines the entire meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation process with its easy to follow recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Recently, the HelloFresh development kitchen underwent a significant makeover and opted to outfit its space with a number of Smeg's high-quality appliances offering outstanding functionality, durability, stylish Italian design and restaurant-quality results.

The SMEG equipment is a joy to work
with and has made our development
kitchen a real head-turner,
They’re easy to operate, with efficient
heating and even temperatures. As a team we can’t recommend them enough!

The HelloFresh Kitchen: Where Culinary Magic Happens

The development kitchen features a variety of Smeg appliances, including fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves and the Victoria SteamOne Oven. The oven plays a pivotal role in rigorously testing the recipes to ensure every dish meets HelloFresh's high standards of taste and convenience before reaching customers' homes. These ovens are renowned for their precise temperature control, even heating, and reliable cooking results, which are essential for testing and developing consistent recipes.

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Cooking Like a Pro: The Victoria SteamOne Oven

With a unique ability to harness two distinct cooking technologies, the Victoria SteamOne Galileo oven provides cooking flexibility for the recipe team at HelloFresh. Traditional cooking can be selected to ensure excellent heat distribution and even browning results, and Steam cooking can be selected which focuses on moisture and flavour retention while preserving the vitamins and nutrients in your food. Both technologies can be used seperatley or together.
The oven also offers a range of cooking functions and settings which allows the HelloFresh chefs to experiment with various cooking techniques, such as baking, grilling, and roasting to perfect their recipes. This versatile appliance maintains consistent cooking temperatures and even heat distribution, ensuring each customer enjoys a consistently high-quality meal.

Moreover, the combination of intuitive control knobs and an LCD display on the oven simplifies operation for the HelloFresh team.

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Steam cooking is not only a natural and healthy way to prepare meals but also enhances the taste and texture of various dishes, from seafood and pasta to meats and rice.

Special Features Spotlight

The oven boasts special features, including a BBQ function that recreates succulent and crispy dishes with the authentic taste of grilled cooking. Additionally, its AIRFRY function replicates traditional frying in the oven, achieving perfect browning and crispiness without the need for deep frying. Furthermore, the oven is equipped with a temperature probe, allowing you to set a precise target temperature for your dishes, ensuring precision cooking.

For effortless oven maintainence, a convenient Pyrolytic self-cleaning function transforms dirt and grease into ash, simplifying the cleaning process.



Oven, Victoria, Galileo cavity: SteamOne, 60cm, Combi Steam, Stainless steel, A+, Pyrolytic
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To delve deeper into the benefits of steam cooking and explore Smeg's available options, check out our video featuring insights from our home economist. Additionally, you can find dedicated articles on steam cooking here and on steam generation ovens here.

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