Preserving the Perfect Pour: Smeg Wine Cabinets and Coolers

Elevate your wine experience by storing and serving your favourite bottles at the optimal temperature.

When it comes to sharing a meal with friends, a few gestures are as appreciated by the host as bringing a bottle of fine wine. This is true regardless of whether the host is an avid enthusiast, a seasoned connoisseur, or simply an occasional drinker.

In Italy, wine has always been synonymous with togetherness and is an essential part of the country's rich traditions in food, wine, and hospitality. However, proper wine storage at home can be challenging, particularly if one fails to take the necessary precautions for optimal long-term storage. This is why Smeg wine coolers are an excellent solution for storing wine in optimal conditions. 

Made entirely in Italy, Smeg wine cabinets provide precise control over light, humidity, vibrations, and temperature, ensuring that each bottle is served in its best possible state. 

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In addition to their practical function for storing the finest wines, Smeg wine coolers are also elegant and stylish kitchen appliances that complement homes beautifully.

Introducing the new 60 x 60 Wine Cabinet

The addition of a new 60 cm design not only provides enhanced storage capacity, accommodating up to 29 Bordeaux bottles but also grants you the freedom to store your wine collection without constraints, ensuring that all your bottles, regardless of their diameters, can be accommodated in the wine cabinet.

When this new cabinet size is placed next to, above, or under a 60cm standard oven, it ensures that the kitchen lines, or the arrangement of cabinets and appliances, are visually balanced and aligned. This creates a cohesive look in the kitchen, as both the oven and the new cabinet size share the same dimensions and fit seamlessly together.

It also features dual temperature within the cabinet. There are two separate zones for setting the inner  temperatures –, perfect for storing both white and  red bottles of wine.

With a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, the new wine coolers are available in the Dolce, Linea, and Classic ranges, ensuring they complement various kitchen styles and meet diverse requirements.

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Wine Cooler, Dolce Stil Novo, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, Black, 29, G
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Wine Cooler, Linea, Built-in, Neptune Grey, 29, G
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Wine Cooler, Linea, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, Black, 29, G
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Wine Cooler, Classic, Built-in, Hinge position: Right, Stainless steel, 29, G
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Smeg wine cabinets are available in a variety of formats and sizes to help maintain your red and white wine collection to optimum temperature, no matter your entertaining or storage requirements.

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Dolce Stil Novo

Experience the epitome of luxury with Dolce Stil Novo wine cabinets, boasting a sophisticated black eclipse glass finish adorned with lavish copper trim.

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Embrace the essence of modern living with Linea wine cabinets. Choose from the captivating shades of Midnight Black and Neptune Grey to perfectly complement your space.

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Classic wine cabinets, where timeless elegance meets contemporary design. A Stainless-steel & glass finish adds a touch of sophistication that transcends trends to stand the test of time.

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A new addition to the range, the 60 cm wine cabinets can hold up to 29 bottles and are equipped with two different temperature areas to store white and red wines at the right temperature.

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The 45 cm wine cabinets can hold up to 21 bottles and, in combination with the sommelier drawer, allow perfect alignment with built-in appliances of the same design.

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The 82 cm wine cabinets can hold up to 38 bottles and are equipped with two different temperature areas to store white and red wines at the right temperature. Suitable for under-top installation.

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Smeg built-in wine coolers perfectly blend into your kitchen, either under counter or in-column. 

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Smeg freestanding wine cabinets have the flexibility to be placed anywhere in your home, make a stylish statement and offer a simple set-up.

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Sommelier drawers: Premium accessories

Indulge in a touch of luxury with a sommelier drawer - the perfect addition for wine enthusiasts. These drawers are designed to fit snugly under 45cm high wine coolers and come fully equipped with everything a connoisseur needs to store and decant fine wines. With a sommelier drawer, you'll have all the necessary tools at your fingertips, making it easy to enjoy your wine collection in style.

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Top tips for wine storage

Want to find out more about how to correctly store your wine? Look no further!

How should wine be stored?


Bottles should be kept away from sources of light and heat for maximum conservation.


The ideal humidity level for long-term wine preservation is from 60 to 80%.


To ensure the best possible preservation of wine, it is important to minimise vibrations. Therefore, wine bottles should be stored on a stable surface.


To appreciate wine at its best, it is essential to store and serve it at the correct temperature.

What is the ideal serving temperature for wine?

Selecting the appropriate serving temperature is crucial for fully savouring wine whether it is being enjoyed with a meal, as an aperitif, or as a digestif. But how do you determine the ideal temperature? Here are some general guidelines for serving wine but you must also consider personal preference and the various factors related to the environment.

Semi-sparkling and sparkling wines: 7-10°C
White wines: 9-12°C
Rosé wines: 10-12°C
Young red wines: 14-17°C
Full-bodied red wines: 17-20°C

Having the correct tools is imperative for storing and serving wine at its finest. Selecting the appropriate glass, for instance, allows all the wine's aromas and flavours to be released for an impeccable pairing with food.