White Milk Frother Electric - Induction 50's Style MFF11WHUK

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Discover the versatility and functionality of the Milk Frother equipped with an induction heating system. This innovative appliance allows you to prepare both hot and cold beverages, with or without foam. Enjoy the freedom to create a wide range of delectable drinks to suit your taste and preferences.
  • The Induction system ensures even heating and optimal milk assembly at all times.
  • The multifunction knob allows you to choose from up to six preset programmes as well as a manual function.
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel carafe, Ideal for preparing hot and cold drinks.
  • The Smeg milk frother allows you to get a light or dense foam with hot and cold milk, to create a variety of recipes.
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Introducing the MFF Milk Frother from Smeg. Able to foam both hot and cold drinks, or heat exclusively, this compact appliance can create a whole host of drinks at a moment's notice. 

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Perfectly frothed milk in minutes

The milk frother is designed to perform robustly, whilst being easy to operate. The fast induction heating system only activates once the preparation type is selected and automatically switches off when the programme finishes.

Cappuccino, hot milk or iced frappé? Unlimited coffee break choices

The MFF is so much more than just a milk frother for cappuccinos and hot chocolate. With 6 different automatic programmes and a manual function, you can prepare hot and cold drinks with or without foam, to satisfy the personal tastes of any guest. Simply switch between the whisks provided to use the milk frother to prepare tea, infusions and other soluble hot drinks, such as “orzo” or barley coffee.

Hot Chocolate

The uniform movement of the appliance's whisk, combined with it's optimal pre-set temperature enables you to effortlessly create thick, smooth hot chocolate.

When selecting the chocolate function please ensure milk and chocolate shavings are used to optimise results.

What is TritanTM Renew

Tritan™ Renew provides the sustainability you need without sacrificing on quality. This remarkable copolyester is made possible by revolutionary molecular recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.



Category: Coffee
Motor power: 500 W
Product Family: Milk Frother
Type: Induction Milk Frother
EAN code: 8017709316273


Colour: White
Finishing: Gloss
Aesthetics: 50's Style
Body material: Stainless steel
Lid material: Tritan™ Renew
Measuring Cup Material: Tritan™ Renew
Jug material: Stainless steel
Handle colour: Grey internal/ polish crome external
Handle material: Plastic
Collar material: Plastic
Collar colour: Polish Crome
Base colour: Polish Crome
Base material: Plastic
Cable colour: Grey

Programs / Functions

Hot Chocolate function: Yes
Hot Milk function: Yes
Hot Froth Light function: Yes
Hot Froth Dense function: Yes
Cold Froth Light function: Yes
Cold Froth Dense function: Yes
Manual Hot function: Yes
Manual Cold function: Yes


Type of controls: Button , Knob
Control knobs material: Plastic
Button material: Plastic

Technical Features

Induction system with automatic switch off: Yes
Measuring cup/lid: Yes
Removable Carafe: Yes
Milk frothing Jug capacity: 250 ml / 1 cup
Milk and Chocolate heating Jug capacity: 600 ml / 2.5 cup
Anti-slip feet: Yes
Integrated cord: Yes

Electrical Connection

Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Power: 500 W
Power supply cable length: 1 m

Logistic Information

Product dimensions: HxLxP 251 x 184 x 142 mm
Width: 184 mm
Product depth: 142 mm
Product height: 251 mm
Packed width: 233 mm
Packaged depth: 233 mm
Height (mm) packed: 337 mm
Gross weight (kg): 3.000 kg
Net weight (kg): 1.780 kg
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 337X233X233
Type of packaging: Cartone
Packaging composition - paper & cardboard (kg): 1.110 kg
Packaging composition - polystyrene (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - wood (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - plastic (kg): 0.012 kg

Accessories Included

Smooth Disc for Hot Milk and Manual functions: Yes
Notched Disc for Froth and Manual functions: Yes
Disc material: Plastic
Disc colour: Grey

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