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Built-in Microwave Linea Aesthetic MP122B3

Product Family
Cooking Method
Microwave with grill
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Microwave energy shortens cooking times dramatically
and produces energy savings.
Product Family: Microwave
Category: Built-in
Installation: Under counter
Cooking Method: Microwave with grill
Control: Electronic
EAN code: 8017709325459


Colour: Black
Aesthetics: Linea
Material: Glass
Type of steel: Brushed
Glass Type: Clear
Door: Full glass

Programs / Functions

Pizza microwave: This function cooks pizza quicker thanks to the microwaves. To optimize the final result, use the function combined with the Chef plate Defrost by time: with this function the time of thawing of foods are determined automatically. Microwave: Penetrating straight into the food, microwaves cook very quickly and with considerable energy savings. Suitable for cooking without fat, they are also able to thaw and heat food without altering its original appearance and aroma. The microwave function can also be combined with conventional functions with all the resulting advantages. Ideal for all types of food. Microwave + grill element: The use of the grill results in a perfect browning of the surface of the food. The action of microwaves allows instead of cooking in a short time the internal part of the food. Defrost by weight: With this function the defrosting time is determined Grill element: Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon.
No. of functions: 6
Full grill: Yes
Pizza: Yes
Defrost by time: Yes
Defrost by weight: Yes
Microwave: Yes
Microwave + grill: Yes


Display / Clock: 1 a LED
Type of control setting: Control knobs
Opening: Mechanical button
No. of controls: 2


Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed.
Timer: Electronic
Time-setting options: Start and stop
End of cooking acoustic alarm: Yes
Showroom demo option: Yes
Controls Lock / Child Safety: Yes

Technical Features

Surfaceplus ceramic base: Surfaceplus ceramic base for a microwave oven - no turntable required, and the whole surface can be used for cooking. The capacity indicates the amount of usable space in the oven cavity in litres. Tilting grill: the tilting grill can be easily unhooked to move the heating element and clean the roof of the appliance in one simple step. Double glazed doors: Number of glazed doors.
Cavity material: Stainless steel
Gross volume: 23 l
No. of lights: 1
Light type: Incandescent
Light power: 20 W
Light when door is opened: Yes
Door opening: Side-opening
Total no. of door glasses: 2
Cooling system: Tangential
Ceramic base: Yes
Grill type: Heating element
Tilting grill: Yes
Grill - power: 1250 W
Microwave effective power: 850 W
Safety Thermostat: Yes
Microwave screen protection: Yes
Microwave stops when door is opened: Yes

Performance / Energy Label

Net volume: 22 l

Electrical Connection

Nominal power (W): 2700 W
Voltage (V): 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Power supply cable length: 150 cm

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 390x595x334
Width (mm): 595 mm
Depth (mm): 334 mm
Net weight (kg): 22.000 kg
Gross weight (kg): 23.900 kg
Product Height (mm): 390 mm

Technical drawing

Instruction manual

Product sheet


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