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Celebrating Smeg’s 70th anniversary, the iconic FAB32 refrigeration range has received a new stylish interior, much like it's smaller sister range FAB28’s. A pinnacle part of the range for many years and tallest 50’s style appliance, the interior improvements encompass the well-known soft rounded curves, high performance and elegant details recognised with all 50's Retro Style appliances.

Extreme attention to detail can be found throughout, such as chrome finishes applied to balcony doors, shelves, and drawers, delivering an extremely elegant aesthetic using high quality components.
The new digital electronic control panel features crisp white LED’s and provides more accurate temperature monitoring. It includes a power saving mode, allowing you to turn off the fridge section whilst keeping the freezer active, a useful feature to save energy when on holiday.
Bright LED light strips on either side of the fridge provide optimal illumination and total visibility of the interior, whilst being much more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.
The addition of a life plus 0°C drawer, provides a compartment that is designed for preserving perishable foods for longer such as fish, cheese and meat, at a controlled temperature of 0°C. Both the life plus 0°C drawer and the fruit and vegetable drawer are secured on telescopic rails, allowing you to slide the drawers out with ease when needing to add or remove food.

Creating the perfect storage conditions for food and drink, the new air circulation system Multiflow maintains a homogeneous temperature in all areas of the refrigerator.
The freezer compartment features 3 drawers including a fast freezing compartment and has a No frost system, so no more tedious, time consuming defrosting, the refrigerator will do it for you!
The useable space inside the refrigerator has increased to 234 litres in the fridge, 97 litres in the freezer and an overall gross capacity of 365 litres whilst the energy efficiency has increased from A++ to A+++, offering a lower energy consumption for greater savings.
A variety of hinges and colours are available, from warm pastel hues to bold statement colours, providing an option for every kitchen décor.