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Find out more about our new patented blade burner system


Offering stunning aesthetics and state of the art patented technology, many of Smeg's Dolce Stil Novo’s top of the range hobs now feature our unique blade burner system. Scroll down to find out more and watch our 'Smeg Blade Burner' to see it in action.

These flat blade gas burners are patented and exclusive to Smeg. They deliver a continuous ring of vertical flame upwards to guarantee maximum heat transfer, reduce heat dispersion and increase efficiency by 20% compared to standard burners.

Each blade component has been coated in a special premium titanium coating for longevity and can resist high temperatures up to 1100°C!

Hobs featuring our blade system are available in widths of  60cm, 75cm and 100cm, with a Steel or Black ceramic glass base.  A choice of 4 artistic pan stand styles can be purchased separately to complete the look - be it Fruits, Insects, Leaves or Birds. They are truly unlike any other gas hobs you will find on the market.